Quic Windows node

So, my node is misconfigured. This bothers the hell out of me.
I have tried to forward TCP and UDP. I have also tried to make an own forward just for udp.
My node has been restarted between atempts of port forward without success.

What can i do to fix this error message?

Port forward is good, but did you also opened it on windows firewall?

Actually i have deactivated windows firewall…

what router do you have? in some routers port forward and firewall is separate.

Zyxel p8702n.

Never had any issues with portforward with this one.

Oh, i managed to get it OK now.
What are the gains? Will i get more data from this?

Maybe. It depends on the customers though.

Please enable it back and properly configure. It will be enabled by Windows sooner or later anyway.