Quick dq question

Hi, It’s not fully clear what is your plan.

As of now, storagnodes are connecting to 4 satellites by default (us1,eu1,ap1,saltlake).

Let’s say one of your satellite (eg. eu1) DQd your node. You have two options:

  1. Start over from the beginning: this requires full identity generation, everything from the beginning.

  2. Keep the storagenode running with restricted set of satellite (eg. us1,ap1,saltlake). And may or may not starting a new one. → It’s better if you have data for other satellites…

For 2, you need two things:

can i safely delete the blob folder…

This is actually the same as the last point, without removing the database entries → you will see a lot of strange errors in the log files. But don’t expect any other problem…

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