Quick multi node settings question

I have 2 nodes on two seperate machines. Now I am trying to add a third node one of the machines with an existing node.

The 1st machine with one node by itself I will call “node 1”. It has the following settings:
-p 28967/28967
-p 28967/28967
Interntal AND external port on my router: 28967

The 2nd machine with “node 2” and “node 3” have settings in the screenshot below

internal AND external ports on my router for node 2 is 28968
internal AND external ports on my router for node 3 is 28985

When I try to run node 2 & 3 at the same time I get this error message:

Can someone kindly tell me what port numbers I need to change and where I need to change them to get node 2 and 3 to run simultanously?

@RandallStevens please see my other post… I stumbled upon these annoying ports myself and I figured it out eventualy. There is another setting in config.yaml that must match the internal docker port.

From what I see, you nailed them, except for the dashboard port: you should change the second one to 14003, like this:

... 14002:14002

... 14003:14002

You can also delete de IP 127…, if you want to access the dashboard from other machines in your network, like from a smarphone. Check my post. You will access the dashboard with node manchine’s IP and the unique port:

Also, since there are 2 machines, with 2 LAN IPs, you can use the external 28967 for both, for one node in each, and just change it for the second node in each machine.

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I only add that usually, you do not need to change an internal port as have done by @snorkel, they have a non-standard configuration of their docker network. In your case it’s already OK, just need to make an unique external port for the dashboard: