Quotes in Spanish

Am I the only one who sees some quotes in Spanish, when one particular user replies?

When I expand the quote, it changes back to English. Is it something in my setting or in the setting of this user?

Here is the link to one example

I dont see that, I wonder if its some kind of browser oddity

You’re not the only one. I think this happens when people use the browser feature that automatically translates pages and then quotes someone. I can assure you I didn’t type any Spanish. I stopped after learning one additional language. :wink:

Yes, I have it, maybe the user uses online translation?

Yes, I noticed that in some of the comments I made, I didn’t realize that sometimes I have to turn off the browser translator. It’s not up to you, the problem is mine and I think I’ve already solved it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, but it changes to English when I expand the quote. How is this done?

yes, iwondered same thing. Let me try translating this threadinto a nother language and then quoting! just for kicks, Im curious!

Don’t lie :wink: but do you create your scripts in what language?

de snelle bruine vos springt over de luie hond

de snelle bruine vos springt over de luie hond

Learning Dutch are we? :wink:

English mostly, haha, since all programming languages are based on English. :wink: Did I sufficiently dodge that counter argument?

As you do not write Spanish, and this that is here above this writing of mine that is? Do not deceive us, tell the truth :joy:

I think about that frequently. Theres no real reason for languaes to be in Enlgish, except that it was convenient for the people who were doing it at the time. But that dominance of a single language has created so many repercussions (financial and professional) for millions of people around the world. Like what countries received the most outsourcing work during the first boom. At least weve gotten a little better about the character sets supported over time. in the 90s/2000s it was pretty sparse, esp for right-to-left direction writing

Anyway, no matter what language - you do it perfectly :slight_smile:


In my day to day life I don’t speak Spanish, the language I use is Catalan and I mastered both perfectly, and a little bit of Basque. I have never needed English to work or to dust off my life, but yes, the whole planet is related to the English language.

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lately i have been watching a lot of foreign language dramas, and I start to actually congratualte myelf on learning the language by osmosis. Until i accidentally hit “off” on the subititle and realize it was a delusion haha. Ive learned a few words in chinese but I sure need those closed-caption subtitles

But in this forum I have also seen posts written by French and Russians in their mother tongues :joy:

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Yeah, I think the world is slowly getting on board with English all over. I don’t think any single language would have been easy to get to, but there are sure lots of advantages to sharing a language we all speak.

English has kind of become second nature to me. While typing this I’m listening to an English language podcast and I’d say the majority of what I read and hear/see in recorded audio/video is in English. The language I’m fine with. I’m much more annoyed by other inconsistencies.

Like imperial vs metric. Can we just all agree that the imperial system doesn’t make sense? In fact, the entire imperial system was redefined based on metric units anyway. Time to just make the switch.

Also, date notations. Most of the world gets those wrong. It should be 2020-05-08, long-mid-short. Not 08-05-2020, short-mid-long, like we do in Europe and definitely not 05-08-2020, mid-short-long.

And don’t get me started about decimal points and thousands separators that are just switched in half the world. I have no preference there, as long as we just agree on one or the other.

All of this stuff is frequently used when programming and having to deal with all different locales is a pain.

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I investigated adding auto translation at launch, however it was 1.) shockingly expensive for a group our size and 2.) a google product. Since the free tools are always getting better and I need to be wise with budget, here we are. It would also create management issues because I have 4 community leads and just moderating the mostly-English posts is quite time consuming for the team. I think if a forum is moderated, it needs to be moderated the same way everywhere evenly for fairness. That doesnt necessarily mean that we;re always going to be English-dominated.

ButI have a lot of long-range plans already in the works. for example Id probably consider something like an eventual split of the forum into 2 sites (SNO and Tardigrade) to be a higher priority than making bikeshedding the current install. Or getting the hackathon off the ground. I wish the world was perfect, I would love to do everything at once. . but in the meantime I do the best I can :slight_smile:

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