Random Lag spikes

Good evening,

I’ve been operating a node for a long time. Can’t remember exactly when I started, but I was here well before the latest version of the network went live. Regardless, in the past few months, I’ve been noticing large (100-300ms) lag spikes every 5-30 seconds on my network. I’ll just say that I’ve spent significant time trying to locate my problems, and I’ve finally narrowed it down to my server running Storj.

Storj is running on a Dell rack server running Ubuntu, which is not even close to fully utilized. My ISP is gigabit cable, and I have a new PFsense router(just replaced it and had the same issues with my old router, which is why it was replaced, did I mention I’ve been working the issue for a while?).

My question is: Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on what’s causing it or how to fix it? I want to continue with my node, but when my latency is so inconsistent it makes gaming(my major hobby) very painful.

Hoping to resolve my issues!


Do you also experience the delay on other PC‘s in the network?

Maybe it‘s not your fault, but your ISP‘s?

do you have full gigabit connection or you have fysical gigabit connection and some 50/50 speed limitations?
What utilization show your pfsense router? CPU, RAM? any additional switch after router?
how much speed consuming node?

Yes, every device shows similar lag. I too was blaming the ISP. However when I disconnect my server from the network the latency goes away. When I reconnect it, random latency spikes return.

You are somewhat correct, I average between 700-900 megabits down, with only 20-30 megabits up. Utilization is averaging under 1% for CPU, and 10% for RAM. I do have a couple of switches involved, one brand new(again, trouble shooting), and two others. I’ve eliminated one entirely in the trouble shooting, with no change, though I haven’t tried eliminating the other, I’m trying to figure out if It would be possible to do so given my infrastructure at the moment.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand your last question about speed consuming node?

30mbps up is very little and storj can easily consume that amount of bandwidth alone. You might want to set up QoS to deprioritize storj uploads.

if you have up speed only 20-30 then this is your bobleneck. Node egress is not stable, it usealy fluctuating. When client download file, your upload can spike up and in some seconds ho down.

check your router how fast you transmit all the time?
when you play game you also need most upload speed.
for example my upload fluctuate from 40-120mbit but i have 60+ tb data on nodes.
I use 300up and 300 down fiber connection.

Hm. I should have thought about that. I’m implementing some traffic shaping now with my router. Early tests seem to see improvement. Thank you!

Excellent, see my response to @hoarder, this does appear to have been the problem, and the solution seems to be showing improvement. Thanks!

How big is your node? How high is the upload really?
Because I have 7TB and 12Mbit/s upload would be sufficient and I had no lag spikes in the internet traffic. 30mbit/s upload should be more than fine.
The router should handle bandwidth sharing even if the upload bandwidth isn’t enough for everything so that you don’t have lag.