[rant] hosting at home: node uptime promise

So, in our first world country, right in the cradle of modern tech, we had a bit of rain and light breeze few days ago.

A few branches may have got broken, a few ancient power poles fallen. What? No, we don’t bury our cables here, there are all up on poles. Yes, first world county, middle of a huge metro area. Yes, both power and data. Yes, yes, wooden poles. From dead trees.

But cable internet concentrators surely have backup power? Yes, it lasted one day. Now no cable.

But surely, rabbit, you always advocated for redundancy and failover, you must have a secondary line! I do, it’s a LTE hotspot. The nearest AT&T tower seemingly ran out of whatever backup power it had after two days. The next closest is too far. No data.

My nodes are offline, at both sites here, for an indeterminate period of time.

The state of infrastructure here baffles me to no end.

Typed this on my walk to the other tower. :slight_smile:


Blame it on the “Climate change”. :grin:
Well, in my city, the smartest thing that our mayer did was to move the cables underground.
And we don’t even have storms or tornados, but who knows in the future… better be prepared.
Maybe he’s a SNO too. :rofl:
Let’s hope they get your cables repaired in less than 12 days.


In the middle size city of Germany where I live - nearly all cables are underground. And the Power lines are laid out in a circle through the whole city - so whenever one cable fails, you got your power from the other side. Only my new glass fiber Internet is on top the poles with the telephone cables… :see_no_evil:


i mean… do we need a campaign “cables for ground” or smth.
Burst in gratitude for every cable softly and sweetly buried in the ground.
Is that part of the land, was starring in some wild wild west movies by any chance?
That’s must be some relatively ancient, remote areas.
Maybe a starlink is a solution…

Don’t worry - the network without your SN will cope

Power and comms cables are mostly buried in the UK as well.
It’s more expensive to do and more expensive to repair but boy does it improve reliability! Not to mention looking SO much better (I hate the spider webs of poles and wires you can see in some places).

Having solar and battery storage also shields me (up to a point) from power shenanigans. Although obviously it does nothing for the reliability of my data connections (I have two separate fibre links but they both share the same physical underground conduits so something that breaks one will most probably also break the other)


I’m sure they’ll use what they have and get you back online as soon as possible. Maybe they’ll even take down some wooden poles from another area and re-plant them close to you so you can be serviced at a higher priority. It’s not like they are being paid for power network expansions, you do know that. They only get paid to keep what they have up and running. If a pole fails, another (already up and running) pole will replace it. Same applies for the backup power batteries. They’ll get on the phone with their mates running their homelabs and ask for their batteries. They already have those afterall.

In the meantime sit back and enjoy the unexpected vacation. We’ll take it over from here.

I won’t pretend to understand what you meant, but I’m impressed that you have created an account almost a year ago, and out of all the great discussions on this forum, my rant was the turning point for your first post!

Welcome to the forum!

And BTW, I’m back (somewhat)




That messes with one’s OCD but is of no consequence, as you well know :wink:

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AR got he’s first period :rofl:

I can only guess how can they fix such an outage, if this “hub” would be affected by a lighting strike.

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There is order in chaos. :sunglasses:
I like how they always let a cable role, just in case, wasting miles of good cable. Is not like they move the pole from time to time.

They will fix it quick, by parralelism. Everyone will redo it’s connection by themselves again, I think that’s how mess like this is born

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