Rasberry Pi4 setup please help. happy to pay for remote assitance

I’ve been trying to get my Pi4 running with Stirj Node but am completely stuck with the instructions. I’ve was able to get a Node running on my Windows PC easily enough, but the Linux stuff and instructions have beaten me.

Would any be able to help, I’m happy to pay in BTC if someone wanted to remote into my PC and finish the Pi Node setup. I’ve done the port forwarding, Identity but am completely stuck with docker and what to do next.



Did you already install docker? If yes, you only need one command to start the node. Which linux version are you running?

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No… thats what i can’t do…
I’ve got this far but can’t make any of the next set of instructions work

You just need to follow the steps an your golden.

I’ve tried… just can’t get it to work… keep getting errors…

Are you installing docker for arm processers?

No idea… thats the part I don’t know what to do.

this is where it starts going wrong

and then more errors trying to download the Storage Node Docker Container

You didn’t run sudo for docker

ok that worked now,
now stuck here

You need to fill the info with your info

yes I’ve done that, but not sure what to call the file and where to put it?

What do you mean call the file?

where it says
Copy the command into a text editor:
what do i save the file as or call it?

It’s so you can edit it and copy and paste it, this is a run command.

and how do i specif my storage drive or folder?
Don’t know under Linix how to create a new folder with the write permissions etc?

ok , then last step is how to specify my storage path and drive?
I have two 6 Tb drives plugged in , so just one for now