Raspberry 4 + 60 Mbit/s download 20 Mbit/s upload + 2 TB to run my first node

Hi all,

I live in Europe and will start this in the coming days. I already upgraded my Internet from 10Mbit/s download and 1Mbit/s upload to 60 Mbit/s download 20 Mbit/s upload (11 EUR/month to 14 EUR/month).

I spent 120 EUR in the raspberry 4, the micro SD card and a 2TB external hard disk. I am not planning to get rich with this, of course, but will be happy if I can get back my investment within one year maybe :slight_smile: In general, I think this is a great idea and I am happy to be part of it! So a few questions:

  1. i know we are currently get paid in STORJ based on the current USD rate. any plans to select the payment method in the future? e.g. ETH, DAI etc.
  2. are there any plans to make this more accessible to everyone? I know some tech stuff, but for most people following the instructions to participate in this project must sound like chinese
  3. is my internet performance going to be affected due me sharing data etc?
  4. is there any place where I can see a geographical location of the nodes?
  5. is there anyone there with similar specs who can share feedback on how they are doing with STORJ?


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Storj Will never change how you get paid because this is there bread and butter, Its up to you what you exchange it too.

Your internet performance will be affected if your internet cant handle simultaneous downloads and uploads at the sametime will slow your internet alot.

I ran this on my Asus tinkerboard and Pi4 They both seem to handle running a node rather simple, But I stopped running my PI4 because I didn’t have time to mess with a new OS and tinker with bugs. But I ran this when the Pi4 came out im sure its much more stable then it was when It first came out.


For Windows there is already Windows GUI which is pretty straight forward. Regarding Linux, GUI maybe coming :soon:
I don’t think calling it any particular language would be appropriate & instead could hurt sentiments of people that use that language.

Currently no but if Storj starts showing a view of geo locations of such nodes, I would like Storj to color an entire country rather than show dots on the map. This is to protect privacy of SNOs. Today countries are allowing/accepting some cryptos but tomorrow they may ban all cryptos.


Hi, i started my 2nd node in a rasp4 a few days ago and it runs very smooth.
No CPU load and the I/O is no problem.

Your Internet-Perf will go down when there is traffic for the node.
I have 400Mbit/25Mbit and some very few days i have strugle with the bandwith, but for me it is ok.

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Hey @dsanchez :slight_smile:
My node is running on a RPi4 currently.

Here is my setup:

  • RPi4 in a moderately airy case
  • A powered Usb hub (important as a RPi4 does not provide enough power on its usb ports for running external 2.5" hdds, from my experience, unless all connected usb devices combined power is below 5w at all time…)
  • 1x 2TB disk (2.5")
  • 1x 1TB disk (2.5")

Each disk has its own Storj node (and identity) but the second node is still in the process of being vetted, so it does not receive much traffic yet.

Currently, this setup’s power consumption is between 9w and 13w depending on nodes’ activity.

The cpu’s temperature is around 65°C with a load average of 0.5~0.6. Might need a bit of airflow in summer, we’ll see… The RPi4 can go up to 80°C without issue, but it’ll throttle back if it goes beyond that point.

I do not have advanced monitoring tools installed so I can’t say what maximum speed it is possible to achieve for uploads/downloads, but I never saw it go beyond 30mbit/s ( I have 200mbps up & 300mbps down).
Not sure if it’s because of modest demand from the network, or if it’s because the cpu is not powerful enough, as it struggles pretty quickly when serving requests.
In a way that’s cool for me as it does not affect my Internet daily usage at all.

Did not do anything in particular yet to prevent the SD card from being fried by continuous writes (logs, fake clock, other system stuff, etc.) especially because the RPi4 does not support booting from a USB device yet. So I decided to go simple for now, with Raspbian (32bit) installed on a standard 16GB SD card.

Worked well so far :slight_smile:


hey, thanks for the other comments. Spanish-speaking people use the ‘sounds like Chinese’ for something that seems complicated, it has not offensive connotation whatsoever. So if there’s anyone from China reading this, I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful.


thanks for the details, very much appreciated. Since when are you running the node and what has been the earning so far? Asking this cause it turns out I will have to pay extra 10 EUR/month (133 USD/year) to increase the internet speed from 10Mbits/1Mbits (Download/Upload) to 60Mbits/20Mbits

My first node was started on the 29th of october (2019). It’s pretty recent.

Telling you what I have been earning so far wouldn’t be representative of hat you might expect to earn in the future for many reasons:

  • First, it still has most of the earnings kept in escrow.
  • In order to motivate SNOs for onboarding, StorjLabs have been giving bonuses these months, so we received more than what we will receive when the whole thing is stable and in production.
  • Noone really knows how the network is going to behave when real customers use it. For instance, ths month (January 2020), we’re getting a lot of data downloaded from our nodes because of specific tests they are carrying out: I suspect we will never that much bandwidth used with actual customers.
  • It might differ from one SNO to anothern depending on its geo position, its newtork quality, its hardware…

However, here is what I earned just for info, but please this should be taken with a pinch of salt (or maybe a handful…) as it cannot be representative of what it will be in the future:

  • Payment for 10.2019: ~4 STORJ (75% escrow / Surge payouts x5) => Roughly 4$
  • Payment for 11.2019: ~95 STORJ (75% escrow / Surge payouts x4) => Roughly 9$
  • Payment for 12.2019: ~85 STORJ (75% escrow / Surge payouts x3) => Roughly 8$

Besides, what you earn in STORJ might not be what you actually receive on your account in the end. Your mileage may vary as it’s gonna depend on your country’s legislation and how you convert your STORJ to fiat.
Here are my thoughts on that matter in a pessimistic scenario: Incentives and payments for making SNOs stay (there are more efficient ways to convert STORJ to fiat… I did not try anything yet).

If you need a better internet connection anyway, STORJ might get you a little extra. But right now, it’s really hard to tell if it will cover the extra-charge of upgrading your Internet speed.

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I think it might come close. But even if it didn’t, this jump in speed makes the internet a different experience. I would argue the upgrade is worth it either way.

I’d think you’d get a massive increase in storj income when upgrading from 10/1 to 60/20. Right now my node is constantly doing 5-30 Mbps upload, if you only have 1Mbps upload available a lot of egress will fail and you won’t get money. From my raspberry pi node using 2TB disk on 500/500 internet I got $17.34 USD in december (50% escrow and 3x surge payments made it $25) so I’d say it’s definitely worth it.