Raspberry Pi 3 Node Keeps restarting

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to become a node operator. I decided to start with my raspberry Pi 3 and a 2TB Sata HDD with an adaptator. I’ve followed a guide for raspberry found on storj.io, installed docker and configured. The problem is that the node keeps restarting and i don’t know how to solve that. Any help?

Hi gferrara, welcome!

Could you please provide the last 20 lines from your log? In the forum, post with three backticks ( ``` ) in the line above and below your log text block to help with formatting.

docker logs --tail 20 storagenode

Also, just to confirm, you are following the latest setup procedure?

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Here is the log, I’ve followed this tutorial but for the docker installation I’ve used the convenience script for raspbian

You missed a setup step: Storage Node - Node Operator
It should be performed once for a new identity and its data. This step will create all needed folders structure, config file and places a file with NodeID to the data location.
The node will not create them without this one-time using flag.

Thanks, I’ll try. Should I make a prune and reinstall the container and do the set up of the node and then run? Or simply stop the container do this step and then restart?

You should be able to stop the container, run the script and then restart.

It started, i can see the dashboard. Now I’ve to wait only for the sync?

There is no sync, it just should be online.

I see this

Then you need to go through check list:

I think that the problem is with the identity… It should be 2 and 3 but i have 1 and 2. what does that mean and how can i solve?

Please, request a new authorization token and sign it: Identity - Node Operator

Done, thanks for the help

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