Raspberry pi 4 and Seagate OneTouch 4to 2.5" => Problem?

Hi all,

After a problem with one of my Seagate 3.5" HDD of 6to (with its own energy supply), their Aftersales service sent me back 2 SSD drive (One Touch 4to + Expansion 2to).

My problem is that now, when I plug one of them (ext4 partition) on my Rpi4 (4go) nothing seems to work: I ear a small “bip” when I turn on the Rpi.
I am already using an old SSD for my system.

I have 2 questions for specialists:

  1. Do you think that it is a energy supply problem ? In this case, Do I have a solution to add an extra supply ?

  2. If it is a problem of energy supply, do I have to use an SD card in place of the SSD I use for the system ?

Many thanks for your help.

if i’m understanding you correctly you are using something with power over usb on the RPI.
i seem to remember RPI’s not having much power over USB so it might not be able to provide what the disk needs.

you could try a usb hub with an external power supply, sounds like that would solve it…
but not 100% sure… just a gut shot guess.

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Agreed, if you are powering it over USB there are limits to how much power it can draw. It would be ideal to power the Pi via the standard power jack and a fairly beefy PSU.

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Difficult to be sure, but it could. One of the best options in this case is to power your 2.5" drives with a powered external USB HUB on which you’ll plug your 2.5" cases. Finding a HUB with mechanical switches is the best IMHO as it will stay on in case of power outage.

As outlined by @SGC & @Knowledge RPis are known to be very weak for powering USB devices. I had tons of issues before I switched to an external powered HUB based setup.

You don’t have to, you just have to find a way to power your USB devices independently. An SSD is always a better option than an SD for the OS. SD cards tend to be slower and to wear off way faster than SSDs.

Hi SGC, Knowledge, Pac,

Thanks for your answer. I think also that it is the solution. I just bought a usb hub with external supply and I’ll check this week-end.

Thanks for your answer.


Hi SGC, Knowledge, Pac,

Many thanks for your answer.
I can confirm that with an USB hub with external supply it works well!