Raspberry pi 4 can not create identity help

I have an rpi4 and could get everything before my identity set up. But I’m having trouble creating my identity it says
Sudo mv identity /use/local/bin/identity
I am not sure what to do here and whatever I try just gets an error. Anything will help.

The program needs to be executable:

chmod +x identity

However, it’s generally a better idea to create an identity on a more powerful platform. Generating an identity on a RPi may take days… and might not actually be possible.

I have a very strong computer running Windows I can create it on how would I transfer it? Thank you.

From the Raspberry Pi Install Instructions:

Create a node Identity on your desktop

Download the identity binary for your platform:

Unpack the binary to the preferred folder. Let´s suppose it is your home folder.

Then generate the Identity (this example is for Windows ):

./identity_windows_amd64.exe create storagenode

Your Identity will be generated here:

  • Windows: $Env:APPDATA/Storj/Identity/storagenode
  • MacOS: /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Storj/identity/storagenode
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode

Note . You can also specify to place the identiy files into another folder using the option --identity-dir

In case you generated and authorized your node Identity on a desktop/laptop computer instead of directly on the RPi to save time, you can copy it to the RPi afterward, as follows:

Copy the Identity to the RPi from Linux or Mac

Copy your node identity from your desktop to RPi: How to copy files from one machine to another using ssh - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Copy the Identity to the RPi from a Windows machine

Copy your node identity from your Windows machine to the RPi: windows - Can I transfer files using SSH? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Creating the identity is possible with the RaspberryPi 4. But it takes around 12 hours with Raspian.

Honestly seems like the better option because transferring it seems too difficult for me can you tell me what I’m doing wrong in the pic? Thanks!

nothing so far, just press ENTER at the last command.

What error appears?
The folder Identity must be moved to the /usr /local /bin .
I can’t find any error in the screenshot.

Well it worked thank you all for the help it is very appreciated.