Raspberry Pi 4 now available with 8GB ram


That is awesome!

I love the steady improvement in these boards. I do wish that Broadcom was more open to Open Source…

It’s mostly I/O that limits RPi Storj performance, thought, isn’t it? Not RAM?

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Early alpha releases had issues with less ram where limits for ram were put in place in docker run command. It was seen more ram was helpful. Having more ram is always a good thing than less ram IMO.

But currently nodes that use more than 500MB of RAM typically have a problem…

I’ve just read a review where the author was struggling to actually use more than 4GB. Not because of a technical problem - the OS is just so efficient. His thoughts were that you have to have a particular need for all that RAM, like RAMdisk, big db, ZFS or such like.

So while this is great news for some, I guess for most(?) of us 2 or 4GB may be enough and we can put the money saved to better uses. YMMV.

I believe part of that has to do with the Raspbian 32-bit OS at the moment, which limits any single process from using more than a set amount of RAM. They’re planning on releasing a 64-bit version of the OS in the near future that resolves this. They also have rebranded the Raspbian OS, now just called Raspberry Pi OS.

Although as already stated in this thread, running a Storj node shouldn’t come close to needing THAT much RAM, which is why the 4GB version of the RPi4 SBC would be more than sufficient for a single node. If users wanted to run multiple nodes on a single board then the higher amount of RAM could be useful, especially if running other services on the machine, like netdata.

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should still be fine with 2-4GB


Why not build a image with Buildroot and Docker support then you have a small os.

For those who are interested, here is the review from Tom’s Hardware, incl. comparison performance tests: Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) Tested: Double the RAM, New 64-Bit OS

They just released the 64bit version.