RaspberryPi crash

unfortunately my sd card broke, the node is still working, all files are still there, is there a way to save the node or is it lost?

Hello @Senpai

If you still have the identity files and the data of the node, you can re-install your raspberry with a new SD card (or a more robust media like HDD or SSD) and just relaunch your node



Better option would be to save the identity files in the same drive as the data storage.


i have all the identities i created still on an external hard drive, but stupid as i am i didn’t label them, is there an easy way to find out which identity belongs to which node id?
also i would have the auth token if that helps to find the right identity.
Unfortunately I can’t find it by exclusion because there are also identities that are no longer in use :frowning:
means i have auth token, and the node id from the node that is broken, or the raspberry pi, and i have all the identity but not sorted how can i just match them ^^
thanks for the help will definitely label them in the future.

./identity certificate-authority id --ca.cert-path /mnt/storagenode2/identity/ca.cert

It will print a NodeID.
Then you need to search in your logs, what was the NodeID before.

Please also SKIP a SETUP step, it must not be executed again for a worked node, otherwise you can destroy it.

no, this token is one-time only and can be used only once to sign any identity, after that it has no use. It also doesn’t contain any info related to your node (even to used email address, it’s just used for uniqueness and to send token to you).


Please add this as a part of official documentation under FAQ for SNOs.

great thanks, i found the identity, what setup step do i need to skip?
hopefully everything works out, it was already a great full node ^^

thanks a lot for the help
storj is really great in terms of supportt


Just use your full docker run command with all your parameters. No SETUP.

i got now a error:

Error: trust: open config/trust-cache.json: permission denied

what do i have to do?
thanks again

You need to update permissions to allow your user to access data. I suppose you use --user option in your docker run command?
If so, then change the owner to your user and group (I assume that path to the data location is /mnt/storj/storagenode):

sudo chown $(id -u):$(id -g) -R /mnt/storj/storagenode

replace /mnt/storj/storagenode to your actual path.

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