Rclone: an alternative for local gateway

There’s a new rclone release: v1.65. One of the items in the changelog is very interesting:

serve s3: Let rclone act as an S3 compatible server (Mikubill, Artur Neumann, Saw-jan, Nick Craig-Wood)

So, it should be possible to configure a libuplink backend for rclone, then connect by the s3 protocol through rclone, while, let say, taking advantage of local rclone-based caches and such.


You can use cache with the Self-hosted S3-compatible Gateway:

But it’s good to check is rclone better

Last I checked current rclone caching solution relies on VFS, and therefore FUSE. (The solution that does not is deprecated). This is frowned upon by modern operating systems today (for example, macOS discourages use of kernel extensions for such a mundane things as filesystems, especially since it provides an alternative framework for cloud storage).

Therefore by default I would highly prefer the storj gateway as a solution that does not require VFS.

Are you really sure about that?