Rclone mount on GNU/Linux with GUI filemanager (ex thunar)


I use regularly storj and I am currently happy with it. Today I have upgraded to a pro account.

I frequently mount my buckets on my filesytem. As it is mentioned in the title of this message, I use GNU/LInux as my primary OS. When my buckets are mounted under my FS, I noticed that my GUI filemanager thunar is regularly stuck for a few seconds. If I unmount my buckets everything is smooth.

The mounting process is called with these parameters (they help in terminal mode) :
–vfs-cache-mode full

And my question : is there anything I can do to make the opening and the usage of my GUI filemanager thunar more smooth and quick?


I have just checked once more if my thunar GUI app is still stuck when I use it when my storj buckets are mounted. Well, today, it is very quick ! I don’t know why. I haven’t modified anything.

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Modern file managers like to peek at each mounted volume at any possible opportunity. You’ll have to figure out exactly what operations are used by Thunar that cause the delay, then figure out rclone options to cache or ignore these requests. This is more a support request to rclone than Storj though.


Thanks for the ideas.

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