Rclone no longer has native storj backend - how to migrate to s3?

Hi all. I have about 1TB of photo backups, which I uploaded using rclone with the native storj backend. I then upgraded from Fedora 38 through to Fedora 40, and I see that the storj native backend no longer exists, and documentation references only the S3 backend. I’ve created a new S3 access key, but there is a note about this using server-side encryption, and no way to provide a decryption phrase. I can list my buckets using the S3 access key, but I can’t list any objects. This is the same behaviour I see when I log in via the web UI and don’t provide a decryption phrase. Is there a sane migration strategy for me, or do I have to delete all my buckets and re-upload the 1TB?

Are you using old version of rclone maybe?

When you create access key you need to provide the same encryption passphrase as the one the objects were uploaded with. Singe bucket can contain multiple objects encrypted with different passphrases, you will only see those with correct passphrase.


Many distributives have an outdated version, and seems yours is not an exception.
In that case you need to install rclone not from the distro repo, but from Rclone downloads.