Rclone repository size differs from billed size

Hi guys,
I tried storing my offsite Backup at Tardigrade using rclone:
rclone sync --bwlimit 3M --progress /mnt/platte/Backup waterbear:backup
However, the size of my repository (after a few subsequent syncs) actually became smaller but in the Storj DCS / Tardigrade dashboard the billed size only goes up. Is there something I missed, e.g. a minimum billed timespan (e.g. if I upload 1GB and delete it the next day, I will be billed 1GBmonth?).

gasp0de@someserver:~$ rclone size waterbear:backup
Total objects: 28641
Total size: 134.266 GBytes (144167398821 Bytes)

This is a reserved amount, not billed. The libuplink reserve some capacity every time when you use rclone. Then satellite will wait for orders from nodes and settle the actual usage (it could happen up to 48 hours later), then it will update the limits usage as well.
You will be billed for settled amount, not reserved.
The billed sum you can see in the Billing | Storj Docs section.

That doesn’t seem to be it, I think I was confused by the fact that rclone seems to show gibibytes (1024³) while storj seems to show gigabytes (1000³).

Screenshot from 2022-02-24 11-19-22


You are right, all Storj software uses ISO standard, so the base is decimal not binary.

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