Rclone - s3 upload: 403 Forbidden

Using TrueNAS Cloud Sync (rclone) to upload to Storj via the S3 MT gateway. I am able to list buckets and items in my buckets, but when I start an upload task, I get a 403 Access Denied error when uploading.
I have double checked my Access Keys and credentials, and all seems okay. Here’s my config:

access_key_id = (My access key)
secret_access_key = (My secret key)
max_upload_parts = 10000
endpoint = https://gateway.us1.storjshare.io
skip_region = True
signatures_v2 = True
region = other-v2-signature
type = s3
bucket = (my bucket name)
folder = /test directory
encryption = 
storage_class = 
fast_list = False
server_side_encryption = 

Hello @mtc ,
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Please remove / from /test directory, to make it test

The / is added to the config file automatically by TrueNAS’s GUI. Removing the slash causes it not to function correctly.

Edit: Actually I was able to find a way to remove that slash. Will run a test now and see if it works.

Did a test run without the /, and unfortunately got the same error.

Regarding configuration, try to use these options (my rclone working normally with such options):

type = s3
provider = Other
env_auth = false
access_key_id = <access key>
secret_access_key = <secret key>
endpoint = https://gateway.us1.storjshare.io
acl = private
chunk_size = 64M

But more like it’s not related to the rclone options, perhaps your access grant has limitations.
Please try to re-create the access grant and make sure that you did not forbid the write operations, register this access grant on GatewayMT and use a new S3-compatible credentials in the rclone config (you can create a new remote instead of replace).