Read-only error when migrating node


I’m migrating my nodes to a new server and I’m getting a lot of error messaged regarding read-only. Is this expected and can be ignored, or is there actually a problem? I’ve also tried root on both servers, as well as running rsync on the destination server to fetch from the source server.

I’m running rsync from the source server using the following command:
sudo rsync -aP /mnt/data/storj01/ non-root-user@lanip:/mnt/storj01/

And the error I’m seeing is (I shortened the file paths for brevity:
rsync: mkstemp "/mnt/storj01/storage/blobs/xyz/wk/" failed: Read-only file system (30)


Thank you, I’ve searched. This is a fully functioning system on both ends, no errors on the source system and I can’t find anything in previous posts that is similar enough. Am I missing something?

Did this post help ?

It does in fact look like a possible hardware failure. I verified everything was working before starting to migrate, but now it’s not working as expected. I’ll have to investigate further, thank you!

I have no clue what’s going on, but it’s working without errors after a second reboot (so far). I’ll revive this thread if the issue comes up again. Thank you!

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Indeed disk failure. Two out of three brand new Exos drives failed before even getting them set up with data. And the slowest RMA process ever. Trying the third drive now, cross your fingers.

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DOA is unfortunate. Did the package not have enough padding ?

It was decently packed, maybe the material was a little stiff. There was a cutout inside several layers of cardboard, each disk in its own separate array of cardboard. Maybe that’s not shock absorbent enough.

Edit: Disks were inside sealed ESD bags inside the cardboard.

I have picked up DOA drives directly from a retail store. Sometimes it’s just the (bad) luck of the draw.

You should preform a disk check with seatools before using seagate drives. I have had a few disks DOA that would spin up fine and you could use them, but they made loud clunking sounds and failed a disk self check with seatools.

Running nodes on 4x (16TB EXOS + 1TB 970 evo) with no issues.