Reboot dropped 100% suspension score to 95%

Everything exept the us2 satellite were at 100%

I just did a reboot because of a power issue (node stayed offline for 30 minutes in total)

Is that the new update guys? :rofl:

Luckily, your “Suspension” and “Online” scores dropped, not your “Audit” scores as your title suggests EDIT: suggested. Which means that so far, Satellites consider that your node experienced some unknown issues and was offline for some time, but it is still considered to have lost no file. That’s good :slight_smile:

If your node is now back online and working as expected, your suspension scores should recover pretty rapidly, and your online scores should get back to 100% in 30 days.

Sometimes scores are different after a restart because they come from satellites, but are not updated in real time on the dashboard. Rebooting the node forces it to refresh scores.

Keep an eye on it in the following days, but so far nothing seems worrisome.


Ok true thanks.
It really came up, not back to 100 but everything is more than 98% after 10hours.

Still strange that the us2 is complaining alone and keeps the 92% i don’t know why but i hope it will fix itself too. I had some power issues but in overall my node is offline for 3-5hours max the past 30 days so still no idea what’s happening here…

**Sorry for the title thanks @Alexey for the correction

You can use this article to find errors which leads to drop in suspension score:

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