Rebuild my machine - node is now offline but getting data?

Hello, i move around with my rig and when i powered back on the node was offline? what do i do? i have checked all ips, my ddns and everything is as it should be. My dasboard is completly reset but i can see in glasswire that my machine is getting data from storj - what to do?

most likely you didn’t change the dashboard ip or port to the new machine… else try closing the tab and open it again.

in docker you will set an ip for the storagenode and one for the dashboard, so you can easily end up with a setup where the dash is dead while the node is online.

Please, check your logs: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

It says my disk image is malformed, do i need to start over?

That message usually means data corruption, but could be misleading. If the node is quite new I would start again. If it has a reasonable held amount which would get paid out (~$30) in L1 I would be happy to try and assist. We will need log files and more information, like the OS installed.

its less than 3 months old - and i did something with my drives that might have F it up… i will start again - on only 1 drive - but thx alot.