Received email notice to update to 1.5.2 from... 1.5.2

Hi there,

I received an email notice today from Storj to “Update your Node to Version 1.5.2”, however it also says “You are currently on version 1.5.2 which is out of date” (screenshot attached). The node is running in docker with watchtower, and is indeed already on version 1.5.2.

I am assuming this notification was in error (perhaps related to 1.6.3 rollout/back?), but could there be some other issue on my end that I should look into?



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Yes seems like an email sent out by error. Are you running your node in GUI or docker (Windows/Linux) ?

That’s what I figured, thanks for the reply! And my node is running in docker on Linux.

Sorry for inconvenience!
I created an internal issue for this bug.

The reason is simple - we have had paused the rollout because of the bug: Fatal message on SN and all docker versions are stuck in 1.5.2, part of Windows versions are on 1.6.3, because they updates first:

Now we started a rollout of the new version:

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