Receiving earnings please recommend

I need a new way to receive my earnings.

Goal is to receive them on L1 and final destination is a EUR bank account.
I need it reasonable cheap and as few conversions as possible. I do not want to require other cryptos like ETH for gas. L1 on a personal exchange address would be ok.
I have heard of Binance, Kraken, Coinbase. Are there others with some reputation?
As alternative it would be to get Storj to an to USDT/USDC or TRX address.

Who can suggest something?

Receive in kraken, swap storj/eur directly, send out. Can’t get any easier than this until nexo decides to add storj.


Some time ago I used Recive directly to binace, exchange USDT, then spended on binance card, payid with it, as there no binace card any more, send it to bybit and pay with bibyt card now.

Would love it if Nexo would add storj :heart_eyes:

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Payout direct to, then cash to your bank account - or just pour it into one of their Visa Debit Cards and spend it anywhere.


I contacted their support to ask if they take requests for listings a while back. They said the owners behind the project needs to contact them. As I’m pretty sure Storj won’t be able to do that, I think we’re all out of luck.


Some news about Kraken:

and here:

Farm Storj to Kraken account. Exchange to whatever you want, USD, EUR, USDT.
Kraken takes 13$ fee if you withdraw $, or 8 USDT, if you withdraw USDT.
If you want to withdraw to Revolut, you can do it for USD or USDT. EUR dosen’t work.
Than you have to exchange to EUR.
The exhange rates for fiat to fiat are pretty good on Revolut.
They take a fee for crypto to fiat though, and I don’t know if the rates are good.
I didn’t compared which one is cheaper: Storj > USD > Revolut > EUR, or Storj > USDT > Revolut > EUR.
Because of the Kraken fee, you should pile up a few months of payouts and withdraw once. It’s like you win 13$ for each month you don’t withdraw.
You can also withdraw fiat to you bank account, avoiding Revolut.
Does someone knows Binance’s withdraw fees for fiat?

EDIT: Withdrawals from Kraken to Revolut in Euro works too. Even though on Revolut page sais only SWIFT, you must choose Clear junction SEPA on Kraken page.

EUR kraken > revolut works over clear junction sepa. Worked for the past couple of years without any issues. Fee is 0.90EUR/withdrawal.


In US this works for me:


Why? Is this common? How can they justify this? What exactly do those $13 buy you?

Coinbase does not charge anything for withdrawing cash from USDC. And conversion to USDC is few tenths of cents. Or is this just in US?

the answer depends on where you live. Check for a popular exchange where you live that supports withdrawing to bank account, can be Binance or Coinbase… Then deposit directly into the exchange address, then withdraw to bank account. You can save up to lower the fee.

Sounds like the solution I had so far. What I did not like about Kraken when I read it is the minimum deposit. They could change the amount anytime and and you never know what Storj is going to send. And it seems if you are below their minimum (what normally should not be a problem) the simply keep the deposit. That is a weird attitude.

And this would be a no-go:

$13 for withdrawl is totally insane and even $8 for USDT is a lot.

Only to Revolut? Or is it 0.90 for withdrawl to any EUR bank account?

Revolut sounded interesting but they do not allow direct Storj deposit from external right? Meaning I can buy Storj on their platform but I cannot receive Storj or any other crypto from 3rd party?

On exchanges like Uniswap I need ETH for gas to exchange Storj to USDT or similar, right?
On exchanges like Binance on Coinbase would I need ETH, I don’t think so but I am not sure.

In Germany.

then try Coinbase? by my knowledge it’s allowed in Germany.

Ha! Transfer EUR from Kraken to Revolut works too. Nice one! Thanks @Mitsos ! The Revolut account is missleading; it only says SWIFT, nothing about Clear Junction/SEPA.
It’s so rewarding to talk to you guys! I learn stuff and make money. :grin:

Anyone has experience with

0.90EUR is the eur withdrawal fee. It’s for any bank.

Don’t know if revolut accepts storj as a direct deposit. What I do know is that revolut and a few others (ie panicfreeze your account if they see deposits into it coming from “unknown” wallets. Their verification steps are basically “yes this is my wallet” or “no, this isn’t my wallet”. One leads to an unfreeze, one leads to a lot of angry posts on social media about locked accounts. YMMV. Low-flying penguins ahead.

You don’t need any token/crypto to exchange on regular exchanges (binance ( :face_vomiting:), kraken, coinbase). Some may offer using their token for a fee “discount” but since the normal conversion fee is less than 0.5%, this doesn’t offer much to you as a client.

I do: wallet → coinbase → sell storj to usd on coinbase → withdraw from coinbase to paypal.
then i got my money on paypal and can do as i wish and also get them into my bank - but i dont.
its not that bad in fees i belive.

Does anybody know what the cutoff date is for wallet address change before the next payout?

I try to change the address, if I need to, between the end of the payments and the end of the month.
Maybe it’s the last minute of the month, maybe it’s the day of the payout, I’m not sure.

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Before the beginning of the next month.