Receiving XStorjSegmentsLimitExceeded since August

Discovered just now that I’m getting following error (below) in my scraping application.
First occurance I found was already on 9th August 2022 and it looks like my app received this all the time ever since and did not store images anymore.

Only limits I was aware of were Storage limits and I got large enough free tier.
Is this a new limitation and since when was it installed ?

What I am doing is uploading ~3000 images ~50KB each per day.

  • Does it make sense I hit segment limits with that ?
  • Any chance I can continue to use Free tier ?

Thanks for your inputs <3

  "id": 10053400,
  "filename": "10053400_1",
  "upload": {
    "success": false,
    "error": {
      "message": "You have reached your Storj project segment limit on the Satellite.",
      "code": "XStorjSegmentsLimitExceeded",
      "region": null,
      "time": "2022-08-09T21:02:57.752Z",
      "requestId": "1709C908DE52FE07",
      "statusCode": 403,
      "retryable": false,
      "retryDelay": 12.876649694220955

Update: actual usage is much lower:
Since OCT 2021 I have uploaded 277616 objects stored in 277616 segments good for 20GB total.

Hi @mzer0ni
This makes sense. The free tier has the following limits - Usage Limits - Storj DCS Docs

  • 1 Project

  • 100 Buckets per Project

  • 150 GB Storage per Project

  • 150 GB Egress Bandwidth per Project

  • 100 request per second rate limit

  • 10,000 Segments per Month


Wait. Is the reason for receiving this error due to unpaid invoices ?
I was totally not aware of open invoices in my account.
If I pay the open invoices will it just work again ?

Either way the charges for segmenst appear to compound with previous months. So uploading small images piece by piece don’t seem to be viable strategy long term.
Any tricks for uploading images together in one segment and point parts to different objects ? (I always have ~10 images that belong to each other)

Very possible. I know Storj had been lenient with segment usage but we’re tightening up.

Yes, but no. You’ve reached the segment limit for the project so you’ll need to ask for the limit to be raised -

Something like Duplicati might be what you need - Best Practise re Segments


Just for sake off adding some context around why I was convinced no costs would incur:

My project dashboard gives me on top

Your 277616 objects are stored in 277616 segments around the world
Storage Limit per month: 500GB | Bandwidth Limit per month: 500GB

In the billing page I get reassured the displayed charges are for information only, but won’t be charged as long as my account operates within bandwidth limits.

I never clicked to billing history tab. But that’s only were it becomes visible my account had actual open unpaid bills.

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You have free tier limits, but as @Stob said

So, these segment fee were introduced in January 6, 2022 and start to apply since March 2022.
All accounts are billed, but all accounts has a free tier coupon of $1.65, it’s covering exactly free tier limits. But if you managed to have usage above a free tier - you need to add a payment method to your account.