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according to Usage Limits - Storj DCS Docs there is a limit of 10.000 segments / month. I currently have 17.000 segments. Isn’t this limit beeing enforced?
Furthermore billing says 0.01$/month. Will I be billed at the end of month (on a free tier account)?

Also there is a “$1.65 off forever” coupon in my account - is this for overusing the segments?


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We apologize for the confusion regarding the ¨$0.01 Will be charged during next billing period¨ which appears on the dashboard - our dev team is already working on improving the dashboard display to make it more clear what you will actually get charged for.

With the current display, the counter keeps track of what charges are generated by your current usage, but does not take into account that you have a Free Tier allowance coupon worth $1.65 which will cover the charges that could be generated by up to 150GB of storage and egress. So, at invoicing time, we will apply this coupon worth $1.65 to deduct it from the total charges that were incurred due to usage during the prior month. So as long as you did not actually incur more that $1.65 in usage charges (regardless if they were generated from storage, egress or segment fees) you will not end up owing anything for that month.

The free tier coupon is enough to cover up to 150GB of storage and egress, however, this does not include any potential segment charges. If you do not exceed 10,000 segments, you still won´t be charged anything extra, However, if you go above the 10,000 segment limit, and also fully use the 150GB of storage AND egress, then you would end up with a small balance in excess of what can be covered by the free tier coupon.

We would hope that if you expect to be using in excess of 10,000 segments per month on an ongoing basis, you would add a payment method to upgrade your account. If we detect that there is an unpaid balance on the account for more than a month, we may elect to take measures such as setting account limits to zero to enforce payment of the unpaid balance (the limits would be raised again to what they were before once the bill is paid of course)

So in summary, you could use more than 10,000 segments in a month as long as you don´t also use the full 150GB storage and egress. You can use your free tier coupon with any combination of storage, egress and segment usage that does not total up to more than $1.65 a month.


Thank you for the detailled answer.

As a customer I would expect hard limits that are guaranteed. the word free (in free tier) awakens this expectation for me. Now I have to monitor my billing each month for myself and hope not to pass the 1.65 Dollar :money_mouth_face:


I am new to forums, so hope it is right to write my follow up question here. Else I apologise and hope an administrator can correct my mistake.

Heunland has written the following:

However, my Dashboard says $1.28 will be charged during next billing period, and I cannot use Rclone to upload more files without giving the error of an exceeded segment limit. I currently have about 100 GB and 200000 segments, but normally upload <1000 new segments/month and use very little bandwidth. Is there any other limit than the one calculated from the $1.65 free tier limit?

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Good question… you may be hitting one of the other limits on the Free Tier:

Possibly 10000 segments per month or 100 request per second rate limit?

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Here’s my rough math.

The Per Segment Fee is $0.0000088 Per Segment Per Month.

200k - 10k = 190k * $0.0000088 = $1.672

10k @ $0.0000088 = $0.088 (Free Tier)

$1.65 - $0.088 = $1.562 (Charged for 150GB bandwidth)

Price for 1GB bandwdith:
$1.562 / 150 = 0.0104133333333333

50GB bandwidth left out of 150GB
0.0104133333333333 * 50 = 0.52

Net Chargeable amount : $1.672 - $0.52 = $1.152

The difference can be due to the bandwidth/segments being rounded off in the post.

Please correct me if I am wrong so I can learn too :slight_smile:

There are hard caps on storage and egress - 150GB per month so those cannot be exceeded while you’re on free account even if you have not generated $1.65 of charges yet.

In free account you will start generating billable charges as soon as you exceed the 10,000 segment free allowance, so if you expect to consistently exceed the 10,000 segment limit, we would hope you would add a payment method to your account.

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I have not uploaded anything since March 2022, so I do not think it has anything to do with the bandwidth. I neither has 150 GB stored, so the only reason I can see is that there is a limit of the number of segments, even if the Billing in the dashboard states that $1.29 will be charged during next billing period (earlier today $1.28) and I have not exceeded the free tier. It therefore does not seem that what is told by Heunland applies to my user case… or that the calculations in the dashboard are wrong. :thinking:

However, looking at the calculations from nerdatwork I understand that the upper limit for segments is storing $1.65/$0.0000088=187500 segments using the free tier. I suppose that is the reason why no more data can be added.

As I am not native speaking English I have probably misunderstood the 10000 segments/month, as I thought that it meant one can add another 10000 segments/month. If I understand it correctly one shall not store more than 10000 segments in total at any point… although it makes me somewhat confused why one writes segments/month. :thinking: Instead of using Rclone, which I find very effective, I will try to use Duplicati, so that I will not exceed the 10000 segments (/month?) limit.

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If you previously uploaded many small files, this will also continue causing segment fees in excess of the free account limit of 10,000 segments in the following month as long as the many small files that resulted in too many segments have not been deleted. If you already went beyond the segment limit then you need to add a payment method so that you won´t get the segment limit exceeded error. You can read more about segment fees and how they are calculated here.

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All files show same error on 32kb
32.00 KiB / 565.85 KiB [---->_____________________________________________________________________________] 5.66% ? p/sError: stream error: metainfo error: Exceeded Segments Limit

I was charged and payed all billing

Duplicate of Error: stream error: metainfo error: Exceeded Segments Limit

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