Recent garbage dump?

My node was almost full and now the dashboard says I have almost 20 gigs of space available. I also have about 20 gigs of stuff in my nodes trash folder which is new. Does this mean the node does not consider data in the trash folder when it calculates how much disk space the node is using?

What is the version of the storagenode?

storagenode version=0.29.3

Please, show your CLI dashboard

My node is currently configured to use a max of 500 GB
If I’m reading things correctly, it looks like my node thinks it’s using 480GB of disk space but with the trash in the trash folder it’s more like 520 GB of space used. Is my node malfunctioning or is this just the way it works? I have extra space on my drive at the moment so it’s not a big deal. Is this why we are supposed to leave 10% disk space free? If there is a huge garbage collection could a drive over flow?

I had over 700GB of garbage since dec 31 put in the trash. Now after the time out period of 7 days per garbaged file my garbage has dropped to under 40GB across the 4 satellites. Looking good.