Recommended Upload Program?

I’ve tested out Filezilla for upload and while it appears to give you the option to resume upload it doesn’t appear that is actually what it does. It sure looks like it starts over from the beginning.

Test was with a Large Zip file (A Virtual Machine)

I’m trying to get one just like it from a client. What would be the recommended program that can handle resuming if it checks out in the middle of the upload process?

I dont think filezilla supports resuming, S3 does I believe with mulipart fuction.


@deathlessdd is correct that resuming uploads is possible only by using multipart upload. Storj objects are immutable and once uploaded they cannot change. Multipart upload allow uploading objects in parts before committing the final object.

Indeed, currently, the S3 support in FileZilla Pro seems to be the easiest way to resume uploads with Storj.