Reducing Storj Disk Space

I have 2 Storj Nodes. Each 20TB, both full (recently). But I need some of that disk space back. I am also considering adding some extra disks in single pools as I have a bunch of 12TB drives just hanging around doing nothing so I am currently building a disk shelf out of spare parts (well that was the theory anyway) to add the disks to my main server which has plenty of RAM & CPU for multiple nodes.

I have set the diskspace on the nodes to 10TB so both nodes are saying overused and hopefully will gradually reduce their useage - but is there any other sensible way to reduce space used without exiting the nodes?

No, but since the uploaded test data has a TTL of 30 days and the tests began almost a month ago, you should soon see the node start to shrink as old test data expires and is deleted.


so if you need some space back, just lower it in config file, make restart of node, and wait till deletion start, new data will not go over your configured


Thats what I was hoping from my reading of the forums

note that the “old way” of storing data meant it would be really hard for data to drop noticeably.

typically once data was on your node it tended to stay around forever. I had a 2TB node that I shrank to 500GB, and after 6 months the size was… 1.9TB.

Now there is a lot more 30 day TTL test data being uploaded (and later deleted), and also seems to be more actual trash being cleaned up as well.

So shrinking the data may work better but there may be a practical floor it just won’t go below.

I guess I will find out in a while

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I have now lost between 1TB and 2TB so far

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