Relation customer / test traffic

Can you please disclose some information how much traffic there is?
What is the ratio between customer and test traffic?

most testers on Stefen Benten satellite they looks like ported Youtube on it, Egress trafic is 140GB today on node. Custumers starting to be on Tardigate satelits.

Thanks @Vadim, nice to know you have some traffic on your node. Where are you geographically?

I would be interested in a more global view on traffic overall and the relation of customer traffic vs test traffic, the satellite operators can probably answer this

Only on the 6th day and already almost 1TB of bandwidth used. Id say the network is getting used pretty good this month.

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Yep, looks nice. Hopefully this continues.

I am in East Europe. So far from german

I’m in germany and got over 1TB bandwith used with my node having a upload rate of about 1MB/s. Traffic is good this month :smiley: but my node is almost full…


1.06TB here in norway so far in this month :slight_smile:

Lagging behind here in Central USA. 0.7TB. But, i have seen some data spikes at 60Mbps GET and 30Mbps PUTs. Averaging more like 13/5.

20TBh here, around 4TBh a day and a total of 330GB bw.

My node just got vetted for all satellites in the beg of Jan.

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Got vetted now in January, and currently 71.29TB*h on one node