Release preparation v.1.55

New release v1.55 is deployed and available for testing on QA satellite
List of changes:


  • 894b7b1 satellite/analytics: Track event “Credit Card Added” (#4749)
  • 58f957b web/satellite: Add new access grants flow (#4765)
  • 384118e satellite/metabase: use pgutil.NullTimestampTZArray
  • af1f0aa satellite/repair: lighten tests covering excluded countries
  • 640c74a web/satellite: prevent access grant creation
  • 8620532 web/satellite: bump dependencies
  • 24bbb7f satellite/satellitedb: Add webapp sessions table
  • a3c9ca6 satellite/accounting: GetAllProjectTotals returns storage and segment totals combined
  • 3072959 satellite/{audit,metrics}: optimize loop methods
  • 98e12f5 web/satellite: bump aws-sdk
  • 4a4177a web/satellite: fix Buffer undefined issue
  • 05d9c79 satellite/…/consoleapi: Respond with 401 on unauth req (#4781)
  • 10d71a8 satellite/satellitedb: outline for batch insert
  • 26f495f satellite/repair: implementation of batch insert
  • e4a4248 satellite/metainfo: add aws cli user agent for tracking
  • 648d6bf satellite/metabase: Classify pending object error
  • fd01c6c satellite/{repair,audit}: simplify reputation reporter
  • 4902542 satellite/analytics: Track events generated from Upgrade Account Banner (#4770)
  • a8b1e1a web/satellite/jest.config: Always use UTC
  • 15bed0e satellite/metabase: use TRUNCATE in TestingDeleteAll


  • 37ad60b web/{multinode,storagenode}: fix callback default props
  • ff64e9f web/{multinode,storagenode,satellite}: update stylelint


  • 580cfb6 testsuite/ui/uitest: do not use localhost for testing
  • 6175731 private/testplanet: use simpler access for tests


  • 96411ba rest-api: endpoint reworkings
  • 37c18bf web/multinode: components must not have constructor
  • bbe7c30 web/multinode: fix My Nodes in multinode dashboard menu
  • 0ba454d web/: bump eslint dependencies
  • 9fc6484 private/apigen: Reorganize and rename files
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