Release preparation v.1.58

New release is available to test on QA satellite
Include fixes for server-side copy



  • 5cfa7ca satellite/console: add cutoff to email reminders
  • b4c77d8 web/satellite: add free/pro tier badge to account area
  • cc0518f satellite/analytics: Added page calls to track all the pages (#4880)
  • da97faf satellite/payments/storjscan: add payments DB
  • 58c5d44 satellite/console: integrate sessions into satellite UI
  • 2c391fa web/satellite added billing navigation tabs (#4839)
  • b828b6e satellite/metabase: fix copy transaction
  • 3ae3254 satellite/metabase: fix move transaction
  • 240b70b satellite/console: use new type UpdateUserRequest as arg to db users.Update
  • ffcd547 satellite/satellitedb: use tx instead of db.db in transactions
  • 13be4ad satellite/payments/storjscan: add chore to periodically ask for new payments
  • cc0dc2e satellite/metabase: FinishMoveObject cheks for empty metadata
  • b25faf3 web/satellite: rework navigation sidebar styling
  • 4e81a60 satellite/overlay: fix TestNodeSelectionGracefulExit
  • 6a1d7c8 satellite/analytics: Added tracks calls for product activity metrics (#4907)
  • f7a3be5 web/satellite: common table component created
  • b7fd6a7 web/satellite: fix ui bugs in bucket navigation
  • f626cd1 satellite/accounting: Correctly cache project bandwidth
  • 0dba785 satellite/admin: return only owned projects for get user endpoint
  • 6e8e86a satellite/accounting: Fix typos in doc comments
  • b4e486f web/satellite: common table component applied to bucket page
  • 999cb40 satellite/metabase: copy inside transaction
  • e21d705 web/satellite: fix bucket open/delete issue
  • 9597cf9 web/satellite: fixes for navigation sidebar
  • 5e2fac1 satellite/metabase: segment_copies full table scan
  • 6db4a87 satellite/metabase: add defensive check on copy object
  • 60459f1 satellite/{overlay,satellitedb}: add AS OF to download selection
  • 6588644 satellite/metabase: fix copy to ancestor location
  • 6de7824 satellite/audit: use a larger delay in the test
  • a3c16e4 satellite/console: enable new access grant flow (#4934)
  • a0adebe web/satellite: fixes for bucket details page


  • fd042a9 storagenode/reputation: clarify wording on suspension notification (#4921)


  • 098ee71 test-sim-versions: write what bash step is executing
  • 43ed35e testsuite/ui/satellite: add ui tests for new access grant flow
  • 94ae196 testsuite/ui: move go.mod


  • de125ee cmd/uplink: Fix typo in flag description


  • c761acc web/ratelimiter: support disabling
  • bb1eb1b storj: bump private
  • 9056549 private/apigen: Resolve import issues
  • bd0d717 private/apigen: Remove unnecessary log message when generating API code
  • 5ce7d98 private/apigen: Make API generation deterministic
  • fc4b0e4 scripts: Change Storagenode arm32v6 to arm32v5
  • 204367b build: premerge/verify Jenkinsfile (subsets of Jenkinsifle.public)
  • e3ac0ae build: fix } typo in Jenkinsfile
  • 2c37556 metabase: support disabling serverside copy when already enabled