Release preparation v1.105

New release candidate v1.105 already deployed on QA Satellite



  • 505dc7a blobstore/filestore: cache Info for a second
  • 996bf60 cmd/tools/piecestore-benchmark: a tool for trying to stress storagenode piecestore upload performance
  • fcae1f5 Makefile,Earthfile: add missing -race
  • 2ab9cbb cmd/tools/piecestore-benchmark: add -cpuprofile and -notrace flags
  • b255dc8 cmd/tools/piecestore-benchmark: delay collector start
  • 4cf161f cmd/tools/piecestore-benchmark: add -memprofile flag
  • c75e0d7 cmd/tools/piecestore-benchmark: profile collector separately
  • 450fddf cmd/tools/piecestore-benchmark: use bandwidthdb cache
  • b9551bd all: regenerate and fix multinode generator


  • 8b77d19 web/satellite: ui/ux updates (#6947)
  • 3b747a4 satellite/{metainfo, db}: restrict deletion of non-owned buckets to members without Admin role
  • af2a870 satellite/satellitedb: index project_id in invoice project records table
  • 7875526 web/satellite: fixes for linksharing paths
  • 087f385 satellite/console: Add rate limiting to api key handlers
  • 4286551 satellite/{console,web}: add config for billing information tab
  • 11e8d59 satellite/metabase: TestingBeginObjectExactVersion for spanner
  • af69542 web/satellite: remove dynamic tax id length restriction
  • 5097974 satellite/metabase: GetObjectLastCommitted for spanner
  • caccf22 satellite/metabase: PendingObjectExists for spanner
  • 34dd791 satellite/metabase: segments.encrypted_etag is supposed to allow null
  • ec64f03 satellite/console: Improve activation code logic
  • 9b9a9db satellite/{analytics,console}: move contact creation to after activation
  • 8cb41be satellite/{console, web}: do not allow other member invite/remove for non-admin project members
  • 2f2bc6e web/satellite: encryption passphrase preference updates
  • f776900 web/satellite: update favicons (#6956)
  • e156216 web/satellite: fix layout of access encryption (#6957)
  • f9db000 satellite/{web,console}: add duplicate upload warning
  • 2ac8dd4 satellite/payments: add method GetUnappliedByProjectIDs to ProjectRecordsDB
  • 47db493 web/satellite: added email label to my account menu
  • 8f05656 satellite/payments: add ability to group invoice items
  • 4b99ba9 satellite/console: new endpoint to get project member by project and member IDs
  • 2ce49ac web/satellite: minor updates for Applications page
  • d4a4fb2 web/satellite: fixes for object preview
  • 17881a7 web/satellite: track applications events
  • 29c7503 web/satellite: hide member actions depending on member role
  • ac77f2c satellite/metabase: update segments offset conditionally
  • 5a799f9 web/satellite: add NULL check for A/B testing endpoint
  • fa02990 satellite/metabase: remove condition for updateSegmentOffsets
  • 4e9cc1f satellite/console/consoleweb: Remove rate limiter from api key creation
  • 5b41b64 satellite/payments: Update storage invoice line item
  • eea6fed satellite/nodeselection: do not use random.Source from multiple go routine
  • 0d13b04 satellite/payments: misc improvements to service.InvoiceApplyProjectRecordsGrouped
  • e770f29 satellite/repair/checker: track piece loss rate
  • 99a111e satellite/metabase: use UPSERT for committing inline segment
  • 140d763 satellite/console: add linksharing url to csp
  • 4196695 cmd/satellite: support direct BQ destination with satellite admin
  • fd483df satellite/metabase: add different implementations for committing inline segment
  • ec9ec06 satellite/metabase: add different implementations for committing remote segment
  • a650095 satellite/{db,console}: add config and columns for freeze emails
  • 9d1c586 satellite/metainfo: monitor batch request lengths
  • 6dd69ce web/satellite: updates for new setup access flow
  • 6f7b18c satellite/{console,emails}: add email templates for freeze emails
  • 7d1f275 satellite/{console,db,accountfreeze}: send freeze emails from account freeze chore
  • b92bb2c web/satellite: ui design updates
  • 809a658 satellite/metainfo: keep track of and use upload successes
  • 8d47794 satellite/metainfo: fix backwards conditional on pow-of-2


  • e978818 storagenode/blobstore: remove some dead code
  • cd01457 storagenode/pieces: update used space on trash-lazyfilewalker completion
  • 7c6ee5f storagenode/storagenodedb: safeguard against corrupted db in v57 migration
  • 86deacd storagenode: remove unused parameters
  • 524bb97 storagenode/{pieces,blobstore}: optimize monkit tasks
  • a295acc storagenode/orders: fix bandwidth usage time
  • 06a29a0 storagenode/blobstore/filestore: close file descriptor after reading subdir names
  • 2a63c21 storagenode/retain: do not remove bloomfilter on retain failure


  • 5881a65 Jenkinsfile,testsuite: Add satellite UI tests back to CI