Release preparation v1.106

New release candidate version v1.106 is deployed on QA Satellite



  • e5058a1 all: use storj/shared/lrucache instead of common/lrucache
  • 74b9d5d go.mod: bump storj/common
  • a3bd758 go.mod: bump pgx@v5.6.0
  • d6c9a4c go.mod: bump to go-redis@v9.5.1
  • 14cfbf3 ci: bump Go builds to 1.22.2
  • ecb726d go.mod: bump dependencies (common)
  • e6217d6 Makefile push-images: attempt to amend manifest
  • 8a3b592 Makefile push-images: Second attempt to amend manifest
  • f7ac2aa Makefile: amend new docker manifests when we create them
  • 3ea6167 go.mod: bump monkit
  • f1a861f shared/dbutil/spannerutil: utility for collecting rows


  • e5e626a satellite/{console,kms}: add setup for kms
  • 211e27f satellite/{console,db}: create satellite managed encryption projects
  • aa46b6d satellite/metabase: new CommitInlineObject method
  • 0336953 satellite/metainfo: commit inline object as single request
  • f28f636 satellite/metainfo: success tracker improvements
  • 9b69bfe web/satellite: make bucket delete responsive
  • f2db79a satellite/metabase: CommitPendingObjectSegment for spanner
  • f5bc98e satellite/metainfo: fix backwards conditional on pow-of-2
  • 60c8f73 satellite/{metainfo,console,db}: use user specified limits for validation
  • 1a15ae5 satellite/satellitedb: move slice utils out of satellitedb
  • 0abdd72 satellite/satellitedb: prevent multiple compilations of satellitedb
  • bab61ac satellite: prevent duplicate compilation during test
  • f4879c5 satellite/metainfo: move tests to separate compilation unit
  • 11d1022 satellite/{nodeselection,metainfo}: move pow2 selection to placement level
  • 881e60f satellite/{acounting,console,db}: change limit update behavior
  • 8f96257 satellite/accounting: combine getting storage and segments from cache
  • 5a7bca3 satellite/nodeselection: more unit tests for placement level pow2 selection
  • acb8eb3 cmd/{satellite,storagenode}/Dockerfile: use go 1.22 to build dev helper utilities (like storj-up)
  • 85d70b6 satellite/metabase: convert tests to external tests
  • d26e801 satellite/{accounting, metainfo}: optimize post-upload call to redis cache
  • 2d91f4d satellite/metainfo: convert test to external
  • 9870d3e satellite/satellitedb: store bucket Object Lock status
  • 7b84f82 satellite/accounting/live: add noop backend type
  • 2483fd3 satellite/metainfo: make power of two choice load balancing the default
  • 875d2cd satellite/satellitedb: Add op-specific rate limits to projects
  • c2053fb web/satellite: optimise pricing plan code
  • 8d5ead8 satellite/accounting: use universal method for segment/storage redis cache update
  • 60e851a web/satellite: Add Commvault to Applications page
  • 0245257 web/satellite: fix invited user verification
  • 0019523 satellite/metaino: don’t check upload limits twice for regular upload
  • a36605a satellite/nodeselection: use ‘choice of two’ instead of power of two [… choices …]
  • 33d681d satellite/console: include passphrase in project config
  • 8b0bd71 satellite/metabase: add Object Lock retention columns to objects table
  • 27df976 satellite/metainfo: add more reactive success trackers
  • d3438d8 satellite/satellitedb: avoid using ON DELETE SET NULL
  • 409aadf satellite/metabase: segments.placement should be nullable
  • 27c8975 satellite/{console, web}: fixed visual bug when toggling to light theme mode
  • 12b60a0 satellite/metabase: segments.redundancy is supposed to default to 0
  • f66d72c satellite/metabase: split out GetObjectExactVersion for db adapters
  • 716b23e satellite/metabase: split out GetSegmentByPosition for db adapters
  • 183cf78 satellite/metabase: split out GetSegmentPositionsAndKeys for db adapters
  • e727e0b satellite/metabase: split out GetLatestObjectLastSegment for db adapters
  • ae0076d satellite/metabase: split out BucketEmpty for db adapters
  • f9615ef satellite/metabase: split out DeleteObjectExactVersion for db adapters
  • 187bb63 satellite/metabase: split out DeletePendingObject for db adapters
  • b5830d8 satellite/metabase: split out DeleteObjectsAllVersions for db adapters
  • 157c876 satellite/metabase: split out DeleteObjectLastCommitted for db adapters
  • 4c67ade satellite/metabase: split out FindExpiredObjects and DeleteObjectsAndSegments for db adapters
  • 67e9608 satellite/metabase: split out FindZombieObjects and DeleteInactiveObjectsAndSegments for db adapters
  • 19fff84 satellite/satellitedb: add column passphrase_enc_key_id to projects
  • e02a42d satellite/metabase: spannerTransactionAdapter dummy implementation
  • 3866d15 satellite/metabase: CommitInlineSegment for spanner
  • 0af64d7 satellite/metabase: split out TestingBatchInsertObjects for db adapters
  • 0e19ecf satellite/metabase: split out ListObjects for db adapters
  • d1a80d9 satellite/nodeselection: selector to filter out very slow nodes
  • 54e5c2b satellite/metabase: split out ListSegments for db adapters
  • 4de523d satellite/metabase: split out ListStreamPositions for db adapters
  • 2c823f1 satellite/nodeselection: best of n node selection
  • ee2a4cb satellite/satellitedb: add columns, status_updated_at and final_invoice_generated, to users
  • c40a7df satellite/nodeselection: choice of n
  • 516c6d9 satellite/metabase: split out UpdateSegmentPieces for db adapters
  • 04f4d67 satellite/metabase: split out iterator methods for db adapters
  • 95b05fe satellite/metabase: enable TestBeginObject*Version for spanner
  • 6c32bbe Revert “web/satellite: remove hcaptcha verification from mfa step”
  • ffdbf9d satellite/metabase: split out UpdateObjectLastCommittedMetadata for db adapters
  • de2801a satellite/satellitedb: add columns new_unverified_email and email_change_verification_step to users
  • 74fd894 satellite/metabase: finalizeObjectCommit for spanner
  • 4a66f55 satellite/metabase: finalizeObjectCommitWithSegments for spanner
  • 944c6a4 satellite/metabase: add config for precommit delete optimisations
  • 3723a2b satellite/metabase: fetchSegmentsForCommit for spanner
  • 7ce0e8e satellite/metabase: precommitQueryHighest for spanner
  • 89f62d8 satellite/metabase: precommitQueryHighestAndUnversioned for spanner
  • 3c16a80 satellite/metabase: provide a logger to SpannerAdapter
  • 815ee7e satellite/metabase: precommitDeleteUnversioned for spanner
  • 2d3dede satellite/metabase: updateSegmentOffsets for spanner
  • 5d7fdf3 satellite/metabase: deleteSegmentsNotInCommit for spanner
  • 4e07385 satellite/metabase: enable all commit tests for spanner
  • b61926e satellite/metabase: getObjectNonPendingExactVersion for spanner
  • 637e440 satellite/metabase: GetObjectExactVersion for spanner
  • 67d3723 satellite/metabase: getSegmentsForCopy for spanner
  • f6d069c satellite/metabase: finalizeObjectCopy for spanner
  • 0c01757 satellite/metabase: GetSegmentByPosition for spanner
  • 39c17eb satellite/metabase: enable BeginMoveObject tests for spanner
  • 6f0fcce satellite/metabase: GetSegmentPositionsAndKeys for spanner
  • c571840 satellite/nodeselection: fix choiceofn placement definitions
  • 75c4232 satellite/metabase: fix spanner related tests
  • c89bd21 web/satellite: ui updates
  • e3586dd web/satellite: update buckets table versioning column
  • 0280207 satellite/metabase: objectMove for spanner
  • b2fd1bb satellite/metabase: objectMoveEncryption for spanner
  • 8dbcb28 satellite/metabase: enable most FinishMoveObject tests for spanner
  • 9504a9d satellite/metabase: GetLatestObjectLastSegment for spanner
  • 1c857a2 satellite/metabase: drop unused tables
  • 988aba7 satellite/satellitedb: switch to use latest dbx version
  • e32d316 satellite/metabase: enable several more tests for spanner
  • ce619a7 satellite/metabase: BucketEmpty for spanner


  • d2f51af storagenode/orders: Log close err instead of return
  • 4f9eeb6 web/storagenode: Add dark mode logo
  • 5e4b8bf storagenode/piecestore: mark --storage2.retain-time-buffer as deprecated
  • e457ea2 Revert “storagenode/piecestore: add bandwidth only when settling orders”
  • 81544a3 storagenode/bandwidth: make bandwidth cache better
  • a7750ec storagenode-updater: support service / rc.d based restart on freebsd
  • d3423b3 storagenode/bandwidth: fix TestBandwidthDB
  • fd62c4d storagenode/piecestore: improve Upload endpoint logging
  • ed7c145 cmd/storagenode-updater: fix -tags service build
  • 9eb29e5 cmd/storagenode-updater/: allow updater to update when storagenode is down (#6987)
  • 7197a6a storagenode/retain: save protobuf request instead of bloomfilter for better validation

Summary: “We changed everything in the Satellite. Oh, and we reverted the last silly change to Node bandwidth reporting.



  • Seeing all those changes in the new release, I imagine the github repository is lit like a Christmas tree. Are you guys taking any vaccation? :sweat_smile:
    It’s summer time! Cool breeze, sunny beach and nice girls tanning. Storj can wait a little bit. :sunglasses:

no! we need to speed up!

Two of my nodes already running 1.106 for some days. No problems so far.

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Does the changes to the bandwidth cache fix the web API getting only intermittent bandwidth information?

Yes, the problem with bandwith information seems to be fixed.