Release preparation v1.43

In this release:

  • We update the Filebrowser UI component
  • Reworked navigation sidebar
  • Added new steps to CLI onboarding

Below you can find complete list of changes and of course you can try it on QA satellite, binaries is also published on GitHub



  • [+ 785eb93c] ci: install gateway@latest instead of @main


  • [- 6fb656db] Revert “satellite/console: increase free tier project bandwidth and storage from 50 GB to 150 GB and reduce free tier max projects from 3 to 1”
  • [+ edb8d656] satellite/metainfo: adjust piecedeletion timeouts
  • [+ 136899ee] web/satellite: Trim whitespace around login credentials
  • [+ 4a955b8a] web/satellite: account area stylings and status fixes
  • [+ 460f8fcd] web/satellite: added satellite name to MFA label
  • [+ ea8782fc] web/satellite: move browser from storj/browser
  • [+ 187e5083] web/satellite/browser: auto-format code
  • [+ 774ae017] satellite/{satellitedb, web}: display object count in satellite UI
  • [+ 1de8a695] satellite/{overlay,satellitedb}: fix stray nodes DQ bug
  • [+ e792727b] satellite/metabase: allow setting metadata with begin object requests
  • [+ d043b9fa] satellite/console: load index.html from disk when developing
  • [+ 6b7473e8] web/satellite/images: reduce svg size
  • [+ 27091826] satellite/{satellitedb|metabase}: add SQL fields for geofencing
  • [+ 1dd53795] satellite/metainfo: strip the uplink version from the UserAgent and bound its size
  • [+ b314559a] satellite/metainfo: TestBatch params updated
  • [+ 804304a7] web/satellite: integrate browser
  • [+ 609526f6] web/satellite: reworked new navigation sidebar
  • [+ 98b59fe3] web/satellite: reworked Encrypt your data component
  • [+ fb604be4] satellite/gracefulexit: use nodecache with gracefulexit
  • [+ 91158fd3] satellite: omit system metadata fields if not requested
  • [+ 3c683998] satellite/console, web/satellite: feature flag for new objects flow
  • [+ 696b8f0d] web/satellite: moved object’s passphrase step to be after buckets
  • [+ 9bdcc415] satellite/nodeselection: add geofencing constraints to the node selection criteria
  • [+ 3122de45] web/satellite/browser: fix formatting
  • [+ 583cdc6e] satellite/admin/ui: Create Web UI v1
  • [+ d5628740] satellite/overlay/straynodes: prevent disqualification in tests
  • [+ 8eebbf3d] satellite/audit: fix TestReverify timeouts
  • [+ 1d5b3e50] satellite/admin/ui: fix rollup building
  • [+ fe3856ff] web/satellite: remove ramda dependency
  • [+ 12d4dc16] satellite/{metainfo,metabase}: make metadata optional for CommitObject
  • [+ 2ebdc130] satellite/satellitedb: add disqualification reason to nodes table
  • [+ dda6720d] web/satellite: added 2 new steps for onb CLI flow


  • [+ 9749f975] cmd/uplinkng: port expanded option to show additional metadata (#4229)
  • [+ f94d8a20] cmd/uplinkng: mkdir config file folder
  • [+ bd2448bc] cmd/uplinkng: expand version information
  • [+ 16a33402] cmd/uplinkng: add ranged download


  • [+ 6a69c664] cmd/storj-sim: support printing node url


  • [+ 4a530ccf] cmd/storagenode: simplify windows service loop

Over the next hours we will toggle some feature flags on and off. We want to test out which combination works best for the deployment on monday.