Release preparation v1.46

Here the list of changes for the next release:



  • [+ 596124f0] docs: Adding a testplan folder with a README and TEMPLATE for testplan (#4306)
  • [+ e2481fb5] scripts,Jenkinsfile,Makefile: upload binaries to drafted github release
  • [+ af3edf2b] scripts/ making clear if builing a production or development version (#4304)
  • [+ 27c6c6ae] ci: Golangci lint v1.43.0 changes (#4307)
  • [+ 67993547] ci: bump to go 1.17.5
  • [+ 5c84243d] Jenkinsfile: downgrade containers for version tests
  • [+ c10cc302] Makefile: Fix target for building Admin UI
  • [+ 5f39f207] web/: add check for change to eslint import
  • [+ da9e0188] Update (#4320)
  • [+ f6a33ec1] Fix social media sharing links (#4321)
  • [+ a42b9d1a] all: fix uses of


  • [+ 000957f6] satellite/accounting: add functionality to get and cache project segment count
  • [+ c33d2f58] satellite/metainfo: override StreamMeta only if needed
  • [+ 2be56e33] web/satellite: fixing linting errors in the file browser
  • [+ e67b905b] web/satellite: fixing linting errors in the FileBrowser component
  • [+ cd0d61f5] web/satellite: fixing linting errors in the FileEntry component
  • [+ b6f1efbb] web/satellite: fixing linting errors in the FileShareModal
  • [+ 9a373993] satellite/metainfo: remove Gateway-ST library name from UserAgent string
  • [+ 911540e7] satellite/orders: avoid logging “bucketName or projectID not set”
  • [+ f83a801e] web/satellite: Fix subtitle in disable 2FA (#4285)
  • [+ 9d13c649] satellite/{console,satellitedb}: Forbid creating users with used email
  • [+ 3f0babff] satellite/{console,satellitedb}: add project segment limit to user
  • [+ 60d03b9e] satellite/metainfo: drop GetSegmentByLocation
  • [+ db0bd38d] web/satellite: Add new user events to segment for link clicks
  • [+ 5573ece8] satellite/admin/ui: Migrate to SvelteKit
  • [+ f87ce0ca] satellite/admin/ui: Fix component rendering
  • [+ b7b010ad] satellite/admin: add project limit on segment count
  • [+ 18561732] satellite/email: Move MIME-Version header to the last element before Content-Type
  • [+ a6139f5a] satellite/orders: log less decrypt order messages
  • [+ 87a92921] satellite/metainfo/zombiedeletion: enable chore by default
  • [+ db7985ca] satellite/metainfo: set EncryptedMetadataEncryptedKey while listing objects
  • [+ ff653f6f] satellite/metainfo: stop using in tests unused method
  • [+ 1bd74658] satellite/console: Disable segment limit checking during project update
  • [+ 2a4ff6f4] satellite/satellitedb: select user_agent in apikeys method GetPagedByProjectID
  • [+ 5351c437] satellite/analytics: track origin header and referer on signup
  • [+ c884f327] web/satellite: add new events to segment
  • [+ 1dce461f] web/satellite: makes sure files with uppercase extensions are able to be previewed in the object browser
  • [+ 6a059b7f] web/satellite: remove all references to the old onboarding flow
  • [+ 12cb733b] satellite/satellitedb: add last_verifcation_reminder column to users table
  • [+ 04d04c03] web/satellite: remove old object browser
  • [+ d06ba56b] web/satellite: fix invalid bucket name message
  • [+ ab37b65c] satellite/{accounting,orders,satellitedb}: group bucket bandwidth rollups by time window
  • [+ 171f908d] cmd/satellite: rename monkit stat with ‘_’, not ‘-’


  • [+ 4762493e] storagenode/reputation: fix missing space in suspension message (#4309)
  • [+ 60c82805] cmd/multinode: add add command to multinode
  • [+ ed9bde8f] cmd/storagenode: add info command
  • [+ 137641f0] multinode/nodes: pass Node entity to Add method instead of set of a parameters
  • [+ a04b9ce3] testsuite/ui/multinode: adding more UI tests (#4301)
  • [+ 589c82f2] storagenode: display quic status on SNO dashboard


  • [+ c58a81e7] testsuite/ui: disable flaky UI tests
  • [+ bde3a884] testsuite/ui/satellite: email verification UI tests
  • [+ bc7a9593] Update login_reset_password_unverified_account_test.go
  • [+ 14c64318] Update login_unverified_nonexistent_account_test.go
  • [+ edf17754] Update login_reset_password_verified_account_test.go
  • [+ ba1bff53] Update login_reset_password_verified_account_test.go
  • [+ 35712f4d] Update login_unverified_nonexistent_account_test.go
  • [+ 0c3a7b45] Update login_unverified_nonexistent_account_test.go
  • [+ 5d3085f3] testuite/ui/satellite: cleanup and skip tests


  • [+ 34890c91] cmd/uplinkng: introduce MultiReadHandle
  • [+ baaa96c2] cmd/uplinkng: introduce MultiWriteHandle
  • [+ c8c4e883] cmd/uplinkng: file level parallel copy
  • [+ e6aa52cd] cmd/uplinkng: reorganize iterator helpers
  • [+ 9615bd19] cmd/uplinkng: update clingy for better boolean support
  • [+ 75acd610] cmd/{uplink,uplinkng}: set user agent for uplink binaries
  • [+ 7fba79be] cmd/uplinkng: add register command
  • [+ 44264701] cmd/uplinkng: rename parallelism flags, small fixes

Binaries are also available here
You can test this version on the qa satellite


Multinode dashboard updates

  • Added an add command to the multinode CLI

  • Added Multinode dashboard UI tests, we want to enable other developers to continue improving the multinode dashboard

Storage Node

  • Status regarding UDP Port Forwarding - storagenode QUIC status on SNO dashboard.
  • Added an info command to CLI


  • Bunch of improvements to uplinkng
  • Continue working on Segment Limit (shouldn’t be enabled yet)
  • File Preview for uppercase extensions

That is breaking my storage node at the moment. We might have to revert it.


v1.46.3 goes into production without this commit.

We will keep v1.46.2-rc on the test nodes. That way I can show it to the developer team and continue working on a fix. Don’t worry if you see a warning regarding QUIC in the storage node UI. That is currently a bug and not a feature.

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