Release preparation v1.49

Here the list of changes for the next release
You can test it on the qa satellite


  • 70c8ccb web/satellite: inactivity timer to dashboard added
  • aff5cae web/satellite: filebrowser upload buttons UI/UX changes
  • c6add65 web/satellite: download link hidden
  • ddb742d satellite/metrics: speed up tests
  • b1d9a44 satellite/metabase: adjust segment_copies table primary key.
  • 07c71e3 satellite/console{gen}: GetUsersProjects endpoint
  • cf03209 satellite/metainfo: only collect metric “other” once per user agent
  • 3540f9b satellite/satellitedb: phase 2 getting rid of gob encodings in db
  • 150be88 satellitedb/projectaccounting, web/satellite: reworked bandwidth chart to show both allocated and settled bandwidth
  • 2d3c417 satellite/metainfo/version_collector: adding more known user agents:
  • 0164682 satellite/oidc: move oidc into common package
  • 95921b8 satellite/metabase: add segment_copies table
  • b3e1be3 satellite/projectaccounting: query to get daily project usage by date range
  • 3c8e41e web/satellite: get object map and preview by signed request.
  • 778e7e1 web/satellite: logout after password reset added
  • 3cd8e46 web/satellite: new project dashboard: buckets sections added


  • a2dd10c web/storagenode: support polygon with transaction links
  • 4a26f0c cmd/storagenode: restore passing arguments
  • 7f1dc74 cmd/storagenode: Change order load id in setup


  • f84552c makefile: remove uplink-image
  • 11a3552 mod: bump common, quic, golang/x packages


  • b181db6 docs/testplan: Repo Security Executive Summary (#4376)
  • 56c668a private/testplanet: use info level logs in jenkins
  • 9d52112 testsuite/ui/satellite: test for new project dashboard


  • a0f8489 cmd/uplink: fix migration for some old configs
  • 0796653 cmd/uplinkng: registeraccess via libuplink
  • 9061dd3 cmd/uplinkng: become cmd/uplink
  • 4f4b67c cmd/uplinkng: add quic support

This is an awesome update. :heart:

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Does this affect the ability to pass configuration settings with a RUN_PARAMS environment variable?

This feels like heavily burying the lede. It looks to me like v1.49 will move docker nodes over to the storagenode-updater and include them in phased rollouts.

This just doesn’t stand out in the diff because the entrypoint file has moved in the repo. But this will be a very impactful change that honestly has me slightly worried whether everything will keep working as intended.

For one this means that the same docker image can suddenly result in a different node version. Which isn’t usually how you would expect docker images to work.

I have quite a few questions regarding this too. How will this work in conjunction with watchtower? Does this system prevent inadvertent downgrades which could cause problems after database migration to a new version? Plus there are people with manual update scripts. Could that cause issues and can they still use those? (I’m guessing no)

I know I will want to keep a closer eye on things with this update. To aid with that, would it be possible to tell us when the new docker images are going to be available before it happens?


We still have issues with the storage node updater inside docker. We reverted it on the release branch once more. Maybe we have a working solution in the following version.

If you try to downgrade a storage node it will refuse to start. That is the protection we have in place. For the storage node rollout we will never signal an old version. If we encounter an issue we will fix it and release a point release. That point release might revert what the previous version has broken but it would still be a database upgrade and never a downgrade.

I assume they would upgrade the docker image but even the new docker image would still follow the rollout process and might install the old storage node version. These people would only update the updater. Old and new updater would behave the same way.

Yes sure. Best would be to test this in our testnetwork :slight_smile: