Release preparation v1.50



  • e776c65 satellite/checker: pieces in excluded countries are not healthy
  • 1da9697 satellite/metainfo: use feature flag for begin/finish object copy metods
  • 8caa4c4 satellite/console: Don’t lose ErrValiation error class
  • c0297ba satellite/metabase: return object metadata with FinishCopyObject
  • 2d4760f satellite/metainfo: BeginCopyObject and FinishCopyObject
  • fbe2680 satellite/metainfo: add feature flag for server side copy code
  • b11d144 satellite/metabase: GetSegmentByPosition for copied segments
  • 1fa79d6 satellite/attribution: update value attribution report query
  • 0358a08 satellite/metabase: BeginCopyObject and FinishCopyObject
  • 294d253 satellite/payments: chore to migrate big.Float values out of db
  • 538fa11 web/satellite: Fix payment banner amount
  • b24379a satellite/metainfo: use single testplanet instance in tests


  • ec2bd50 scripts/ adding multinode image to deployment
  • 9688c57 web/storagenode: Use an existing const instead value


  • d4a6524 Makefile: use arm64 executable for arm64v8 storagenode images
  • a9bd983 sql: capitalize keywords
  • ba6956d console/server, apigen: feature flag for new generated console api
  • d015805 cmd/multinode: Add further documentation (#4556)
  • afa09b3 adding a short readme
  • f89e030 final touches
  • 76be9e6 cmd/multinode,Makefile: build docker image for multinode dashboard
  • 05a17ef deps: upgrade
  • 62eeb59 docs/blueprints: server-side copy


  • 7a01a2a satellite/metabase/metabasetest/create: return segments
  • 332e6af satellite/metabasetest: order RawSegments by streamID and position
  • ccb847a scripts/tests: write old uplink config yaml directly
  • 863b01b testversions: skip some downloads for older uplinks
  • ac5f97a satellite/sattelitedb/test: improve test database name
  • 5c7c4fe satellite/metabasetest: include copies in raw state.

What is a multinode image? :grinning:


Has this already been applied, as the heathy count on the dashboard took a hit at 04:00UTC on 2022-03-08, with some going to 36 shares…

I believe it was deployed in the night on some but not on all satellites yet. So the satellites that don’t show that hit will get deployed today.

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4 of the 6 satellites are now at about 40 shares and it’s slow increasing… There was no drop in active node count, so thought something had change… If we are re-replicating all the Russia shared parts, then does that help the guys in Russia if they want to GE before they are chopped off completely?

I think it is a question of days before Russia isolates itself completly. The current repair effort will help us to stay at 100% Durability but I don’t think the process will finish in time. So GE will still take some time to finish.
However the repair job has done an amazing job over the past 2 weeks already so GE is faster than it was ever before. I was able to finish GE one an old 3 TB node in less than 2 days. I would say it is worth a try.

Ha… Your wording is better than mine!! The repair effort has been solid and I can imagine the satellites running at max to compensate for potential losses. Well done to the team!!

My synology has been working like crazy lately. 13 month old node, 2,2TB. It filled quite fast. I will be able to store another 10TB. So let them come z

All 6 satellites are now showing the drop to about 40 shares. Going to take some get back to 56 shares

Up next we are going to scale up the repair workers. Expect some more load on your storage nodes.


This feels like a proper production load test :slight_smile:

How many nodes are from the excluded countries?

that is awesome, bring it lol