Release preparation v1.51

Here you can find list of incoming changes, they already available on qa satellite


  • 41a095a cmd/satellite: fix args indexing in cmdValueAttribution
  • 93f8c6a satellite/metabase: require non-zero newStreamID for FinishCopyObject
  • 4a110b2 satellite/console: added oidc endpoints
  • 60b209e web/satellite, satellite/console: reworked registration email validation
  • 8b09887 satellite/repair: add test that confirms that repairer is ignoring copied segments
  • 1ef66bf satellite/metabase: adjust ListSegments to return copied segments correctly
  • 75be1c0 satellite/console: support reading apikeys by name and project id
  • 715077d satellite/{console,satellitedb}: increase project limit on paid tier upgrade
  • ccd16bb satellite/metabase: handle NewEncryptedMetadata while coping object
  • 9eaeebe satellite/metabase: GetLatestObjectLastSegment for copied segments
  • 53e851b satellite/metabase/delete: adjust delete for copy feature
  • 39ac908 satellite/satellitedb: change default segment limit to 100M for paying users
  • ee5f897 satellite/analytics: Add client-side analytics events
  • 66e6a75 satellite/console,web/satellite: Add MFA to password reset
  • 64176aa web/satellite: registration success redirect from config
  • 9b5904c satellite/{projectaccounting, console}:query to get single bucket rollup


  • dc0f7b5 storagenode,web/storagenode: use go:embed for assets


  • 9ebe388 cmd/partnerid-to-useragent-migration: add ability to limit updates in migration
  • 1bd43c1 private/server: monitor incoming connection kinds
  • 7609bb9 web/multinode: UI clarification to also add port (#4602)
  • 35290d1 Maintainers: remove link
  • 5f7ea13 private/web: make caching headers reusable
  • 28c9403 multinode,web/multinode: use go:embed for assets
  • fb7454e gitignore: add files generated by storj-up
  • b3675c1 repairer: log piece id in case of a repair error
  • 49dcec0 Jenkinsfile: optimize build caching
  • 1245283 apigen: new endpoint to get project’s single bucket rollup
  • 4af0bc0 Maintainers: update release instructions (#4456)


  • 8e18f9c docs/testplan: Adding a testplan for Access Grants Page (#4403)
  • 56d1b8b satellite/metabasetest: improve test copy creation


  • 85fa78e cmd/uplink: supporty expires in copy
  • b4e42ce cmd/uplinkng: fix linkshare bugs

hmmm didn’t even see 1.50 was out…
yeah it isn’t or atleast i can’t find the announcement.
but i guess that wouldn’t exclude the prep for 1.51 being useful for some people… :smiley:
nevermind just rambling and pondering out loud…