Release preparation v1.52

New release is already available to test on QA satellite and on the GitHub.
Here the list of changes:


  • a2fe697 satellite/admin: delete unused file
  • 18ab60d satellite/metabase: drop GetSegmentByOffset
  • d8733dd satellite/satellitedb: stop using _gob columns
  • 0018d62 satellite/analytics: Associate Hubspot token with new user
  • 9ef1164 satellite/analytics: Added “email” in segment track calls
  • 20a42f6 web/satellite: remove reference to non-existent default image
  • 2c83503 web/satellite: type + lint files store
  • 6294334 satellite/admin: add account management api keys to admin
  • 566fc8e satellite/repair: test inmemory/disk difference only once
  • 1f1f777 satellite/admin/ui,web/{multinode,storagenode}: build without embedding
  • 4da3dc8 satellite/metabase: improve processing of key/nonce while finish copy/move
  • 4a6c2e2 satellite/admin/ui: avoid needing an additional copy
  • cb37971 satellite/metabase: copy of inline segments only object not in segment_copies
  • b6db5c1 satellite/metainfo: register php user agent
  • 84b522b satellite/console: create account management api keys service
  • ae29a5b satellite/metainfo: use metabase package instead storj
  • ca09a06 satellitedb: revert migration for suspension column removal change
  • bc0209d satellite/admin/ui: Add missing step for building it
  • c49c646 satellite/metainfo: allow multi-product user-agent metrics
  • ddbbb00 satellite/satellitedb: remove suspension column from nodes and reputations
  • f6b4d52 satellite/metabase: flatten copy references when copying
  • d253b4c cmd/satellite: fix fetch-pieces segfaulting
  • 98f4fae satellite/oidc: add integration test


  • d611c16 cmd/storagenode: update storganode-base image version in Dockerfile
  • c641f4c cmd/storagenode: use Debian as base image instead of alpine


  • e5972d8 all: fix linting errors
  • 53de525 mod: bump storj/common, storj/private, and storj/uplink deps
  • 048d3b4 Modified event names (#4658)
  • 2ccfd13 apigen: endpoint to get all buckets usage by project ID


  • 952f50e docs/testplan: Adding a testplan for Server Side Copy (#4317)
  • 19a2555 private/testplanet: try using multiple localhosts
  • 5189dfd satellite/metabase/metabasetest: add EquateEmpty

I’m looking at that commit and wondering: why oldstable? Bullseye has been released more than half a year ago already.