Release preparation v1.53

New release is available to test on QA satellite

Here full list of changes:


  • bb42df3 satellite/metainfo: enable segment limit by default
  • 11932b5 satellite/satellitedb: migrate wrongly affected users to have default limits
  • 8e0196a satellite/accounting: test accounting/tally with object copies
  • 623cb16 satellite/gracefulexit: test GE with copies
  • 86d742f satellite/audit: verify auditing of copies
  • b4cec4f satellite/satellitedb: add columns to users table to control failed login attempts
  • 36bef42 web/satellite: add missing copy buttons for onboarding flow
  • fc074b6 web/satellite: fix demo-bucket creation issue
  • 16480c9 satellite/metabase: deduplicate delete query
  • 99ec4c8 satellite/gc: improve test for copies
  • d4ad3a3 satellite/satellitedb/attribution: update value attribution query to return byte-hours
  • c105562 satellite/gc: test GC with object copies
  • 3d9329a satellite/metabase: overwrite existing destination on copy
  • 54c3baf satellite/metabase: delete bucket with cross-bucket copies
  • 985ccbe satellite/repair: in dns redial, don’t retry if CloseError
  • 9b69552 satellite/console: fixed small email validation issues
  • e93bbf6 satellite/metainfo: add missing method monitoring
  • 8cdadae satellite/metainfo: optimize geo config check for move/copy
  • 2014e46 satellite/metabase: bring back copy/move validation for key and nonce
  • 25e92fe satellite/metabase: deletion query as explicit transaction


  • a401450 cmd/storagenode-updater: add should-update cmd
  • e961180 cmd/{storagenode,storagenode-updater}: add Process name to logs
  • e10eabe web/storagenode: update dependencies
  • 5fca073 storagenode/storagenodedb: make schemagen gofmt compatible


  • 61a76f3 Jenkinsfile: enable ‘Cockroach Backwards Compatibility’ tests
  • 583d48c mod: bump storj/private
  • a3d9016 mod: bump to latest uplink
  • 3397886 docs/blueprints: Add session management blueprint
  • 3b39399 apigen: endpoint to create new Project
  • 9d3c886 web/multinode: update dependencies
  • e486585 Dockerfiles: switch base image from alpine to Debian
  • ee7f0d3 Makefile: fix wrong indentation
  • 08b8721 developing: add development guide for new comers
  • 67b5b07 apigen: api key authentication implemented
  • 2b39df4 cmd/nullify-bad-user-agents: set user_agent to NULL where user_agent = partner_id
  • 7aa001d private/version: document kebabToPascal
  • d9b14f7 private/version: replace custom stringsTitle


  • de68525 private/testplanet: configurable timeout


  • 61a47f3 cmd/uplink: refactor date parsing
  • 2a7b20e cmd/uplink: integrate server-side copy with uplink cp command