Release preparation v1.54

New release is available to test on QA satellite

Here full list of changes:


  • b24e5cb cmd/storagenode: silent authentication checks CRITICAL logs by supervisord


  • 04b22f2 satellite/metabase: copy expires_at to segments while FinishCopyObject
  • 5cebbde web/satellite: add consent screen for oauth
  • dd6ab25 {cmd/satellite/reports, satellite/attribution}: type and variable name adjustments
  • dd6aac9 satellite/metainfo: enable server-side copy in production (#4708)
  • db5d781 satellite/metainfo: simplify version collector logging
  • e66beb2 satellite/metainfo: set metadata with BeginObject
  • 6e5a946 satellite/metabase: add option to override metadata with CommitObject
  • ed5ebb2 satellite: Rename “acct mgmt api” to “rest api”
  • 318f4dc satellite/admin: extend user update query
  • abc9e24 satellite/compensation: add a code that crypthopper-go now uses
  • cb1bf52 satellite/metainfo: add expireddeletion test for copied objects
  • 7e6618c satellite/accounting: test tally on copied object flaky fix
  • 553ef9d satellite/satellitedb: suspended column removal migration
  • 671923c satellite/admin: add mising segment limit to top menu
  • 3f47d19 satellite/overlay: add disqualification reason
  • 4223fa0 satellite/reputation: add disqualification reason for status update
  • d506e9c web/satellite: store selected os tab during onboarding flow
  • 3f3f028 satellite/gracefulexit: don’t mark GE done when it’s not done
  • 48fb3e9 cmd/satellite/reports: sum attribution data by user agent
  • c944c3f web/satellite: error while adding invalid card handled


  • 8efed4b cmd/uplink: raise fd limits
  • 4f196dd cmd/uplink: bump clingy
  • fead0db cmd/uplink: return nicer error message during import
  • f25ead5 cmd/uplink: set default parallelism to 1
  • 1ed36e9 cmd/uplink: make clearer ctx cancellation path in copy
  • c2bdd4e cmd/uplink/ulfs: disallow writes after first failure
  • 847ddaa cmd/uplink: cancel on failed copy
  • 978e0f1 cmd/uplink: cp sets connection pool capacity based on parallelism
  • 1422a1f cmd/uplink: use 64 MiB for parallel chunk size, not 64 MB