Release preparation v1.56

New release v1.55 is deployed and available for testing on QA satellite
List of changes:



  • db1cc8c satellite/repair/checker: buffer repair queue
  • 95ae739 satellite/projectaccounting: fetch bucket usage since bucket creation instead of project creation
  • aba7de6 web/satellite: added create project prompt modal for free tier users
  • 763bfc0 satellite/console,web/satellite: Implement hCaptcha
  • 0633aca satellite/console: create new consoleauth service
  • b544dc9 web/satellite: update onboarding overview screen
  • b3df7f4 web/satellite: onboarding cli flow updates
  • 166fc5a web/satellite: progress bar for onboarding cli flow
  • 277f8d2 satellite/accounting: don’t expire segments usage key
  • 18eedaa satellite/satellitedb/dbx: add method to delete webapp sessions by user ID
  • 7723971 satellite/console: implement WebappSessions db
  • bfad64a satellite/satellitedb: add verification_reminders column to users table
  • 7b25307 satellite/accounting: test if server-side copy affects bandwidth
  • 3ebb05e satellite/metainfo: add user-agent bandwidth metric
  • 230424e satellite/metainfo: add IPFS datastore user agent to metrics
  • aa728bd satellite/satellitedb: add reputations.disqualification_reason
  • a447b27 satellite/accounting: modify tally.go to use returned segments values
  • 50b826e satellite/metabase: drop GetProjectSegmentCount and related code
  • 48b76d7 web/satellite: fix chart’s scaling
  • 087e57d web/satellite: create chore that will resend verification emails to unverified users
  • bdcd285 satellite/metabase: add codeowners
  • f08732f web/satellite: make preliminary changes for new access grants flow (#4801)
  • ac7752a satellite/reputation: return full Info from reputation update
  • 0e0437c web/satellite: change button to 3 dots instead of 2
  • 14ebba0 satellite/analytics: Track events generated from navigation and dashboard (#4795)
  • 456aea7 satellite: use PieceIDDeriver for derivation
  • c5edf77 satellite/metabase: fix flaky TestCommitInlineSegment
  • 7a2d2a3 satellite: use more optimal monkit call for loop observers methods
  • 2b0016a web/satellite: My Access Table style changes and search functionality (#4767)
  • 0bf1252 satellite/payments/storjscan: add client and list all payments API call
  • 951a842 satellite/{reputation,satellitedb}: move addAudit
  • 99237d5 web/satellite: new bucket creation flow
  • 460af18 web/satellite: Add new access grants flow (#4778)
  • a96c2b9 web/satellite: add notification when credit card deleted
  • 87f6a3d {web/satelliite, satellite/console}: logo redirects to homepage
  • 2ee9463 satellite/reputation: don’t need 3 identical AuditHistory types
  • 5e8266d satellite/{payments/storjscan,satellitedb}: Add storjscan wallet DB
  • fcb39b4 web/satellite: added new common VModal component
  • 5bc4c25 satellite/reputation: move Config fields into a Config struct
  • 6759ba8 satellite/metainfo: skip TestUserAgentTransferStats
  • 4725a38 satellite/metainfo: parallel deletion tests


  • 87ea2a4 cmd/storagenode: make supervisor HTTP Server configurable
  • d3ada57 web/storagenode: remove QUIC status tooltip when QUIC is configured


  • 747f2a0 testsuite/satellite: updated test for new onboarding cli flow
  • 5d6d533 private/testplanet: don’t cleanup cockroach
  • 31560c9 satellite/metabase/test: extend default time diff for comparison
  • c136796 test: make http client in TestActivationRouting thread-safe


  • 5e4ec0b cmd/uplink: adjust multipart part size based on file size
  • 7afdb15 cmd/uplink: adding Length Method to MultiReadHandle
  • 5fb9ee3 uplink, satellite: use bgp hostnames
  • 836fa18 cmd/uplink: allow listing invalid access grants
  • d90ce46 cmd/uplink: bring back --metadata for cp command


  • 82b1450 private/blockchain: generic types for wallet/transactions
  • f9a3f19 scripts: add ‘uplink cp’ tests for stdin/stdout
  • 55de50e console: stub endpoints for native token payments
  • 036d5a8 cmd/storj-sim: fix printing node url
  • b662fc1 Jenkinsfile: don’t create separate db for metabase
  • 4b61cc9 Makefile: update test target to support a local execution workflow
  • 9153f37 Makefile: run lint locally in docker
  • b74340b scripts/lint: fix timing of lint tasks


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Sieht gut aus denke ich aber leider verstehe ich diese ganzen sachen nicht (bin knotenbetreiber)

Current config that will go into production today:

The account activation reminder email is disabled. At the moment it would send out a lot of spam mails on some very old accounts. We will fix that and retry next release.

A new object flow in the file browser is getting enabled in production. The file browser will stop creating the all mighty “demo-bucket”. Instead, a little wizard will pop up every time the user would like to create a new bucket in the file browser.

On the QA satellite you can get a preview of the upcoming access grant wizard. It is just a preview. None of the buttons will actually work. We keep it enabled on the QA satellite to test more of it in the next release.

Also visible on the QA satellite are some improvements on the new project dashboard. The used space graph looks better now. We expect the remaining bugs especially for the bandwidth graph to be fixed next release.

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Du kannst jederzeit einen Account erstellen und die Kundenseite etwas erforschen. 150 GB sind kostenlos. Da fällt dir bestimmt die eine oder andere Datei ein die du testweise mal hoch und runterladen kannst.

QA Satellite ist unsere Spielwiese um einige der zukünftigen Features vorzeitig zu testen. Sozusagen die letzte Chance Fehler zu finden bevor es auf allen anderen Satellites aktiviert wird. Auch auf dem QA Satellite kannst du ein Account erstellen.

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