Release preparation v1.57

New release is available to test on QA satellite

Here full list of changes:



  • c934f45 satellite/metabase: drop IterateObjectsAllVersions
  • 5582160 satellite/console: add monkit metrics around user registraion/login
  • 007d419 satellite/{payments/billing,satellitedb}: Add payment billing DB
  • 3f13cd7 web/satellite: reworked add PM and Create Project modals
  • 792c49e satellite/metabase: simplify delete query
  • 2438c92 satellite/admin/ui: Add disable MFA endpoint
  • 07e65cd satellite/projectaccounting: sum up bucket usages for daily usage query
  • a61f0f6 satellite/projectaccounting: make daily usage query return correct allocated traffic
  • dba28f1 cmd/satellite: add project ID, bucket name to partner attribution CSV
  • 261a6ed satellite/admin/ui: Update NPM dependencies
  • cbaca8b web/satellite added new billing screen feature flag (#4836)
  • 270204f satellite/{payments/storjscan,satellitedb}: Add wallet implementation
  • 82e3932 web/satellite: Fix incorrect input placeholder
  • 688b390 web/satellite: Implement New Create Access Grant Wizard. (#4821)
  • 18ef3d3 satellite/accounting: add metrics for total pending objects
  • 911cc1e satellite/contact: reject privateIPs in PingMe and CheckIn endpoints
  • bb92b92 web/satellite: open bucket modal for new objects flow
  • e01daa5 web/satellite: bucket details page created
  • 6277476 satellite/payments/storjscan: update config and wrap service errors
  • 737d7c7 satellite/reputation: new ApplyUpdates() method
  • 5b79970 satellite/metainfo: Use project-level attribution at bucket level
  • 11dd068 satellite/metabase: add missing monitoring
  • 16d1296 web/satellite: Fix new access grant flow dropdown
  • 289be4f web/satellite: removed confusing line smoothing for chart lines
  • cce0a18 web/satellite: merge HeaderedInput and HeaderlessInput components
  • 35c022e satellite/accounting: don’t use testplanet in rollup_test if not necessary
  • fe63154 satellite/contact: swap net.IP.IsPrivateIP with isPrivateIP
  • 685147c web/satellite: fix linksharing issue


  • 4e0acba web/{multinode,satellite,storagenode}: Fix SVG styling


  • 9d8eaf3 metabasetest: use DROP instead of TRUNCATE
  • ba58530 {satellite}/web,console,testsuite: remove old navigation structure


  • 1d97b2c cmd/uplink: add use - for stdout,stdin to cp help
  • 4f2fae4 cmd/uplink: better error handling for parallel transfer
  • ffbb43d cmd/uplink: fix how we are collecting errors while copy in parallel
  • f4ae522 cmd/uplink: add buffering while writing to stdout


  • d916b26 apigen: create api key endpoint
  • 54aa3ad scripts: Fix lint to show out on error
  • 7c854fc Makefile: make test run more safe
  • aa913e6 cmd/storj-sim: Fix path to admin UI assets folder
  • 84d02f7 metabase: use predefined snapshot for unit tests avoid migration
  • f0b28d6 apigen: endpoint to get user
  • f56504d apigen: project delete endpoint
  • 0831c8f makefile: use the ci-slim image for linting
  • 7608ea7 Makefile: make test should work with any directory name