Release preparation v1.59

New release is available to test on QA satellite

Here full list of changes (not many this time):



  • 91ea659 satellite/payments/storjscan: payment API type add USD value
  • 0051298 satellite/console: Classify errors activation tokens
  • 5b550a1 web/satellite: access grant flow ui bugs fixed
  • f23d5eb satellite/repair: remove superfluous conditional
  • 1fbc8f1 satellite/console/consoleweb: Delete old TODO comment
  • 417df4d satellite/metabase: don’t return expired objects
  • 023a1c6 satellite/satellitedb: add public_id column and index to projects table
  • e26b151 web/satellite added middle truncation logic for filenames in file browser
  • 6f4dc96 web/satellite: Billing history tab
  • 4e31c96 satellite/console: don’t use global log


  • 05e1652 storagenode/console/consoleapi: use fixed time.Now()
  • 66f1299 cmd/storagenode: Don’t abbreviate multinode in help


  • e00423e cmd/uplink: disable deleting local files


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The build process is currently broken. Do not use any of the v1.59.0-rc binaries. They are running with dev defaults.

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please, if you want to use binaries - use v1.59.1 (don’t use 1.59.0-rc)