Release preparation v1.60

New release candidate v1.60 is deployed on QA Satellite and ready for tests
NOTE: Please pay attention in production Satellitesusers cannot top up their account balance using STORJ because of CoinPayments restrictions - we are working on it. If you want to top-up your balance - please contact our support
List of changes:



  • d09824d web/satellite: do not load stripe for environment unless enabled

  • 43286db satellite/metainfo: use metaclient type instead of storj

  • 81ae137 web/satellite: added Billing Overview Tab for new Billing flow (#4900)

  • 48b0a65 satellite/overlay: use ReadCache in Download/UploadSelectionCache

  • 51d4e5c satellite/{orders,overlay}: use cache for downloads

  • 6d95e34 satellite/payments: add payments method for deposit wallets

  • f5a5696 web/satellite New billing coupons tab (#4890)

  • 69dc9a4 satellite/console: added new email which is sent on unknown password reset

  • de59513 satellite: wire storjscan chore to core process

  • 2f20bbf satellite/reputation: add a reputation write cache

  • 726c951 satellite/repair: avoid retrying GET_REPAIR incorrectly

  • 1f66bb3 web/satellite: access grant empty validation added

  • d571b04 web/satellite: new dashboard limit visual component added

  • 7aaab3c satellite/console/consoleweb: Trace HTTP endpoints

  • 0317c81 web/satellite: logout added after password change

  • cf12802 satellite/metainfo: ListBuckets extended with value attribution assigned to bucket

  • 87e1528 satellite/metabase: error if source object changed

  • 08120d1 web/satellite: pass query param on satellite switch in signup form

  • b3f9090 web/satellite: fix for dev build

  • a9de5ce web/satellite: Add PaymentMethodsTab to new billing flow (#4973)

  • 82fede2 satellite/satellitedb: batch delete storage node tallies

  • ba009b8 web/satellite: register page made configurable

  • d72f952 satellite/metainfo/piecedeletion: use nodes cache

  • 5b39059 web/satellite: Fix styling on registration page

  • 21fca00 web/satellite: Update partnerStorjLogo svg

  • b5561b1 web/satellite: Add router-view back to old billing page


  • c3171b4 storagenode/retain: Move summary and start logs to info level (#4954)


  • 61649d2 cmd/node-cleanup: command to delete uncontacted nodes

  • 582dce1 Makefile: bump to Go 1.17.12

  • 95d85c6 ci: use persisted cache files during verify phase

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We are now ready to help customers who want to make a STORJ deposit, just file a support ticket on our help desk:
Deposit STORJ to top up account balance
Deposit STORJ to ask for a limit increase


Now we’ve enabled the new Billing screen on QA Satellite → it’s not finished yet, but you can take a look and leave your feedback and suggestions

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@Andrii Here are my observations.

  1. Clicking Billing in left navigation doesn’t load “Overview” section on the right side. I have to manually click Overview tab to show the details.

  2. Under Billing History the column headers don’t align with the row data.

Also the rows are not aligned with column headers if you observe the right edge of the table.

  1. Add CC button does not have a label

After a test CC was added the card details were not shown. Add CC box should be replaced by “+
Add New Payment Method” instead after adding CC.


As I mentioned it’s not finished yet, but thanks a lot, great feedback :+1: