Release preparation v1.61

New release v1.61 is available on QA Satellite.
Here is changeset



  • c237468 satellite/console: allow user to update project when limits are above paid defaults
  • 9cd91c6 web/satellite: add modal for creating a project
  • 4815cfc satellite/{console,satellitedb}: add PublicID to Project, db method GetByPublicID
  • ed2ee84 satellite/analytics: Modified property update in HubSpot (#4998)
  • c96ff2f satellite/analytics: Track have_sales_contact differently
  • 6df867b web/satellite: Added credit cards to new payment methods flow (#4978)
  • b5fc04a satellite/metainfo: usage limits for copy
  • 7390f38 satellite/metabase: non recursive listing optimization
  • 7194973 satellite/payments/storjscan: add usd value to cached payments
  • 2b24632 {satellite/metainfo, satellite/accounting}: remove ValidateSegmentLimit config value and check
  • f2f046a satellite/satellitedb: add interval_end_time column to accounting_rollups table
  • d1d15cb satellite: return interval_end_time in DailyStorageUsage endpoint
  • 24b6a80 web/satellite: Add Token card to new Payment Methods flow (#4975)
  • 2ba06ac satellitedb: storjscandb return payment with UTC time
  • 0eb2cc4 web/satellite: update table component for project member page
  • b4ea1ba satellite/console/consoleweb: send email when account already exists
  • 78fa0c1 satellite/analytics: Add user agent to TrackCreateUser
  • d2f4ea1 satellite/payments/stripecoinpayments: fix mock data-race
  • 2a38740 satellite/satellitedb: don’t select public_id in ListByOwnerID because it will be NULL for old projects


  • 98b8c7b storagenode/console: consoleAPI EstimatedPayout flacky test fixed
  • bc9ab8e satellite/audit,storagenode/gracefulexit: fixes to limiter


  • 5458cbd satellite/metabase/metabasetest: use interface for tests and benchmarks


  • 567986e cmd/uplink: minimal tracing support
  • 452c243 cmd/uplink: support sending traces
  • 75f19cb cmd/uplink: run the collector goroutine


  • f343b85 go.mod: bump common/private/monkit/monkit-jaeger
  • 1cb3cba cmd/storj-sim: ignore context canceled and flush output
  • 2a3c821 build: turn off parallel Verification for premerge/public
  • bed2af3 web: use fixed version from eslint-storj

On the QA satellite the new billing page is enabled. We need to fix a few more bugs before enabling it in production. For the production deployment we are going to keep the old billing page for now.