Release Preparation v1.67

Version v1.67 deployed on QA Satellite and available for tests



  • 6897321 satellite/metainfo: remove duplicate permission check in BeginCopyObject
  • 9c67f62 satellite/satellitedb: add table for reverify queue
  • c54c45c satellite/audit: new ReverifyPiece implementation
  • c565c5e web/satellite: update buckets page table to match designs.
  • 6bf54bf satellite/satellitedb: add new table node_events
  • 80bfa55 satellite/satellitedb: edit node_events migration to have different PK
  • c25391e satellite/metabase/rangedloop: uuid generation
  • f76abb3 satellite/satellitedb: add dbx read method to node_events
  • 23917e5 satellite: invalid coupon code returns 400 status code
  • e09c819 web/satellite/static/emails: set dcs support address
  • 4b05beb cmd/satellite: add ‘repair-segment’ command
  • 11e229c satellite/nodeevents: implement node events DB
  • 4edef9e web/satellite: add AB test for new upgrade banner
  • 4efde65 satellite/gc: Optionally run the GC bloomfilter process once, instead of in a loop
  • 9a09d89 satellite/gc: Upload bloomfilters with prefix and update LATEST when complete
  • 5e5d6ec satellite/{accounting, buckets}: added feature that allows to use custom SQL query instead of object loop for buckets accounting
  • d21bbab satellite: fix metabase configuration wiring
  • f06da25 satellite/overlay: add nodeevents.DB to satellite overlay service
  • 8659749 satellite/overlay: insert node online events into node events table
  • 8152920 web/satellite: reworked share object modal to use common VModal component
  • db864a8 web/satellite: reworked delete bucket modal to use common VModal component
  • 7f285c2 web/satellite: reworked old add coupon code modal to use common VModal component
  • 7ac1e38 web/satellite: reworked new Add coupon modal to use common VModal component
  • 337b72f satellite/metabase/rangedloop: uuid range pairs
  • f42e504 satellite/satellitedb: add log line for node events insertions
  • 74ddfab satellite/overlay: insert DQ event into node events in overlay.DisqualifyNode
  • cb0c359 satellite/overlay: insert DQ node events for stray nodes
  • cc858f4 satellite/console: Turn new billing screens on by default
  • b2dc821 satellite/gracefulexit: observer cleanup
  • e709112 satellite/metainfo: allow list permission for GetObject and GetObjectIPs
  • e4fab97 satellite/metainfo: fix types used in tests
  • 8ebea4c web/satellite: FileBrowser component migrated to use composition api
  • c07f016 satellite/satellitedb: Slight modifications to nodeevents table
  • 3c8f68f web/satellite: pinia package added
  • 9a303b0 satellite/analytics: replace hubspot api with oauth access token
  • f465fa9 satellite/console: drop redundant bucket interface
  • 1b5d953 satellite/satellitedb: add queue for verifications
  • 553c155 satellite/satellitedb: add ‘contained’ column to nodes table
  • 3c8facf satellite/console,web/satellite: always notify when adding project members
  • bae4ee4 web/satellite: clear AB testing data on log out for mobile
  • 5f08987 web/satellite: fix auto open of first uploaded object preview
  • 3ae0572 web/satellite: make sure users are able to tab through all navigation dropdown items.


  • d625eb8 storagenode: use bytes instead of bytes*hour unit for used space graph
  • 10f59f8 web/storagenode: update new suspension and audit threshold on dashboard
  • 8268933 web/storagenode: fix linter
  • 59b37db storagenode: overhaul QUIC check implementation


  • a342edd web/multinode: fixed linter


  • 2dc2669 console/abTesting: add support for AB testing
  • 0c3dd44 docs: audit-scaling: clarify process structure
  • 982b9a1 scripts/ add missing quotes
  • 1da7520 cmd/tools/node-cleanup: swap deletion for atredis emails with last contact and created at timestamps
  • aeb645d all: replace deprecated ioutil
  • 947cdf0 ci: fixes for new Go version
  • 603bc01 build: use specific tag for nightly deployments
  • 68fe26e satelite/overlay: insert reputation events into node events
  • 5ee27fc mod: bump
  • e34826c docs/blueprints: add automatic account freezing/unfreezing blueprint
  • ec6a79a scripts/ a few fixes (#5293)
  • 7b13af1 private/blockchain: address checksum hex

How does the storage node dashboard look like now? I burned by testnode by running graceful exit. From the changelog the used space graph on the storage node dashboard should look great now. Can someone post a screen shot from a testnode?

I think the GB*d makes sense on the Y axis. Not sure if it makes as much sense for the total though. Might be best to just show average stored for the displayed period.

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Thank you. I will forward that to the developer. The graph looks awesome but I agree the GB*d value is strange.

On another note, I noticed this:

I initially also thought both scores were updated to the new formula, but @thepaul mentioned here that the suspension score still uses the old formula.

So I’m not sure color highlighting and description for suspension score should have changed (unless the formula in the background has since changed as well, which probably would actually be the best route).

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Yep that is a bug. I noticed it on my dashboard as well. I don’t think we are going to get a fix in time and have to live with some yellow and red colore coding that is incorrect for suspension and online score.

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Looks like that one is partially on me… I pointed to the tooltip here before I was informed the suspension score hadn’t changed. Oops. [storagenode] Update colors for audit score to handle 96% threshold for disqualification · Issue #5113 · storj/storj · GitHub

We thought it will be better to explicitly specify the B*d instead of just B so it helps SNOs with the payout calculation and avoid confusion. To convert it to Bm to reflect the payout value, you just need to divide by 30.

We will work on this as part of this ticket [storagenode] Rescale new audit scoring threshold on the dashboard · Issue #5312 · storj/storj · GitHub. It’s quite weird that we have different scoring thresholds for the suspension, audit and online score. It’s best to make sure it is uniform for all the scores. The ticket is open for suggestions on how best to do the rescaling on the dashboard.


In this release we are going to enable the new billing screen and also native token payments (should be enabled by a config change shortly after the release). Just in case there is a problem in production I would like to point out that you can test token payments for free on the QA satellite: Test native token payments on QA satellite That might be usefull for debugging potential bugs.

Not really, you’d need to divide by the number of days that passed since the start of the month for it to be meaningful. Why not do this for the end user so they don’t have to divide anything at all? The unit can then just be B*m/m = B. Seems simple :wink:. Change the description to average disk space used this month and you’re done. Easy to understand, no calculations needed

I responded to the ticket with some links to earlier discussions around this and a suggestion. Hope it helps.

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