Release preparation v1.71



  • 3a9ad48 cmd/tools/segment-verify: fix problem-pieces.csv
  • 23acee2 cmd/tools/segment-verify: better handle timeouts
  • 246c193 cmd/tools/segment-verify: add timeout to VerifyWithExists
  • 3d1007a private/apigen: Change order of operations in api generation
  • 0185bba cmd: cleanup segment verify/repair tools
  • df9bbce blueprint: noise over tcp
  • 14c91aa blueprint: noise over tcp simplification
  • b022f37 blueprint: tcp fastopen
  • 7b6554b release v1.71.0-rc


  • 5138bb1 satellite/console: add public ID field to graphql Project
  • 8c69ee6 {cmd/storj-sim, satellite/rangedloop}: added rangedloop to storj-sim, removed identity
  • 1d4411f satellite/metabase/rangedloop: cancellation (#5364)
  • 591615b satellite/satellitedb: remove references to last_verification_reminder
  • 23b92da satellite/metabase/rangedloop: live reporting (#5366)
  • 05c83a5 satellite/{console,web}: support delete by ID and publicID
  • 0773b4e satellite/console: support id and publicId
  • d806c5c web/satellite: CreditCardContainer.vue padding bug on ‘Default’ label fixed
  • 1688e49 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: split into multiple files
  • c3c239d web/satellite: update billing history logic
  • b344860 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document project_bucket.dbx
  • 6d1f2fe satellite/satellitedb/dbx/gen: use go instead of sh
  • e26654c satellite/satellitedb: Drop unused tables
  • 60cd245 web/satellite: access grant CreateForm modal migrated and slightly refactored
  • 6e9567c satellite/analytics: Track Project Details Updates (#5451)
  • 2d86375 satellite/metabase/rangedloop: add AsOfSystemTime
  • ed910b6 satellite/metabase/rangedloop: continue after error (#5430)
  • 5da2544 satellite/console: support public id as generated api parameter
  • 2876d5f satellite/satellitedb: drop project_bandwidth_rollups table
  • a2a9daf satellite/orders: don’t store allocated bandwidth in bucket_bandwidth_rollups table
  • e0f2087 web/satellite: EncryptForm component migrated to use composition api
  • 583ea51 satellite/console: Prevent duplicate project names for the same user.
  • 2e28e59 web/satellite: cant open bucket on name click bug fixed
  • dc6e752 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document project.dbx
  • c5b5695 satellite/metabase/rangedloop: clean up observerstats init
  • a7fc884 web/satellite: browser header buttons styles fixed
  • 86fb188 web/satellite: Setting.vue migrated to use composition api
  • a80bbb9 web/satellite: navigation label fixed, add token address truncation changed
  • 079728f web/satellite: improved project level passphrase experience
  • 5644fb1 satellite/accounting/nodetally: add ranged loop
  • 5d656e6 satellite/payments/stripecoinpayments: implement invoice price override
  • 6142b1c web/satellite: show overridden usage prices in the satellite UI
  • 65a090d satellite/console: enable project level passphrase by default
  • d76f764 satellite/web: replace cancel with back buttons


  • 5fdfc6c cmd/{storagenode,satellite}: remove unused docker compose YAML files
  • b5d0021 cmd/storagenode-updater: restart storagenode after update on BSD unix derivatives
  • 90b7076 storagenode/pieces: fix log line


  • 5efb08c cmd/uplink: skip abort on committed multipart writes