Release preparation v1.73

v1.73 already deployed to QA Satellite
Available for beta testing



  • 091ed29 satellite/payments/stripecoinpayments: make price overrides per-bucket
  • 7652a59 satellite/audit: add GetAllContainedNodes method to ReverifyQueue
  • de44c6a satellite/admin: update README
  • 0b519fb satellite/satellitedb: create index for interval_day for project_bandwidth_daily_rollup
  • add3034 satellite/payments/stripecoinpayments: forbid replacing partner coupons
  • 3954269 satellite/reputation: Alter logic for hasReputationChanged
  • 12f884e web/satellite: fix account menu visibility on tablets
  • 0e2fef9 satellite/overlay: add SetAllContainedNodes method to overlay.DB
  • e8cd096 satellite/{console,web}: make grapql mutations support publicId
  • 3146ad7 satellite/satellitedb: cleanup testing access
  • d6f8be1 satellite/audit: add ContainmentSyncChore
  • dcebcf7 satellite/metabase: add database comments
  • 522aed0 private/server,satellite/contact,misc: use new storj/common noise helpers
  • 49916b0 satellite/{console,satellitedb}: migration, methods for user settings
  • b5f4385 web/satellite: update table row selected & hovered colors
  • 8ec3bc5 web/satellite: move banners into page content
  • a1bd36b satellite/satellitedb/dbx: add docs for repair.dbx
  • dd3d051 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: add docs for user.dbx
  • f733cb2 satellite/satellitedb: drop unused last_verification_reminder column
  • 38275bd satellite/nodeevents: deduplicate node IDs
  • 65e3cfb satellite/{web, console}: feature flag for new access grant flow
  • b1d4a15 satellite/metainfo: ListUploads returns incorrect UploadID
  • 450772f web/satellite: first step of new access grant flow
  • b14019b satellite/{metabase/rangedloop,metainfo/piecedeletion}: fix flaky tests
  • 4cb825a satellite/console/consoleweb: Add user ID rate limiting to some endpoints
  • 362d73f satellite/audit: add tests for concurrent audits
  • a8caea8 satellite/satellitedb: remove gob migration exceptions
  • 491fa78 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: add comments for node_reputation.dbx
  • ce23ce0 satellite/nodeevents: minor changes to dedupe node IDs
  • ca6e3a9 satellite/orders: create mock based unit test
  • 8f8e97d satellite/metainfo: support desired node number for download object/segment
  • 94d341b satellite: use ranged loop with GC-GF peer
  • 4a67b57 satellite/{console,web}: make bucket endpoints support publicID
  • 41bcc6b satellite/metainfo: fix duplicates while listing committed objects
  • 8c7e031 web/satellite: extended open bucket functionality
  • 109da3c web/satellite: refactor appstate store module to use enum for popups
  • 1b22994 satellite/admin: update user’s limits and project limits from admin api
  • 9138e84 satellite/{web,console}: feature flag for all projects dashboard
  • 0a52529 satellite/metainfo: fix duplicates while listing pending objects
  • 77bf88e satellite/overlay: check node difficulty before entering database


  • 3d3f9d1 storagenode: fix B*h to bytes disk usage conversion


  • c1fffe8 satellite/satellitedb/satellitedbtest: enable full table scan detection
  • 36cbf4f private/testplanet: enable full table scan detection


  • f3f22d8 cmd/uplink/ulfs: fix listing root on windows


  • bfdc60f update CODEOWNERS
  • b979bb3 Jenkinsfile: remove outdated email step
  • 828654f gc: remove segment loop dependency
  • 873a202 mod: bump
  • 51a0d43 earthfile: use latest storj-up base container for ad-hoc containers
  • ca13eca go.mod: bump libuplink to include noise
  • f3c7520 Jenkinsfile,Makefile: bump to go v1.19.6