Release preparation v1.74

new v1.74 already deployed to QA Satellite
New Access Grant flow is enabled for testing
All Projects dashboard is enabled for early testing and feedback



  • ab2e793 satellite/audit: test delay before Reverify
  • 6bb6479 satellite/repair: fix flakiness in tests
  • 8d9b61c satellite/console: ApplyCoupon and ApplyFreeTierCoupon
  • d48f745 satellite/payments: trigger errors in stripemock payment methods
  • 155b927 satellite/console: add notifications for free account limits
  • 9ac314e web/satellite: second step of new access grant flow
  • aba2f14 satellite/metabase/rangedloop: few additions for monitoring
  • 6f12ba5 web/satellite: third step on new access grant flow
  • 06f4aed satellite/audit: use NodeAlias instead pure NodeID
  • 78e68cd satellite/payments: add constants for invoice status
  • 26f80f8 satellite/payments: add Invoices Delete
  • 3fa31c2 satellite/console/consoleweb: remove trailing slash from URLs
  • e2cf486 satellite/console: add Purchase method to console.Payments
  • 19d4fcc satellite/console: return card from AddCreditCard
  • a1f46fe web/satellite: enter passphrase step for new access grant flow
  • 16b7901 satellite/metabase: add piece size calculation to segment
  • a9ca643 web/satellite: added passphrase generated screen for new access grant flow
  • 209b669 satellite/console/consoleweb: create and serve frontend config
  • 16d3fcd satellite/admin/ui/lib: Fix bug in API
  • 1a2ad60 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document gracefulexit tables
  • 8842985 satellite/console/consoleweb: create purchase-package endpoint
  • 4e70ef8 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: split accounting.dbx by project and node
  • dfe3c87 satellite/metabase/rangedloop: save observer durations to eventkit
  • e4914e9 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document accounting tables
  • cf324c5 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document node tables
  • 4a6e34b satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document peer_identity table
  • 20bcdeb satellite/repair: fix flaky test TestECREpairerGetOffline
  • 17ec326 web/satellite: make inactivity modal appear on top of other modals
  • cbbd5ab satellite/payments/stripecoinpayments: undo price override removal
  • f3c5cd9 cmd/satellite: limit time spent restoring trash from a node
  • fa2f733 web/satellite: encryption info step for new access grant flow
  • 991211a web/satellite: access created step for new access grant flow
  • 1f439f5 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document audit tables
  • bd0ad21 web/satellite: CLI access step for new access grant flow
  • a1c0fa9 web/satellite: S3 credentials step for new access grant flow
  • 4aa519a satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document node payments
  • 1cef233 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document billing
  • b24ce98 satellite/admin: add Groups to config
  • 85d6843 web/satellite: registration success responsiveness improvements
  • 76d7bc6 web/satellite: add components for new dashboard
  • f13d0f7 satellite/satellitedb/dbx: document oauth tables
  • bac4c86 web/satellite: add all projects dashboard
  • 4904021 web/satellite: refactor project level passphrase flow
  • ec4b0c8 web/satellite: add project limit banner
  • 4362761 satellite/audit: fix go1.19 dial timeouts and log more
  • e9c4d11 web/satellite: responsiveness and accessibility fixes for new access grant flow
  • 552272d web/satellite: added more analytics for new access grant flow
  • cd19216 web/satellite: confirm details step for new access grant flow
  • 31ec4fa web/satellite: add pricing plan selection to onboarding tour
  • faeea88 satellite/{db,analytics,payments}: add chore for auto account freeze
  • eab83ee web/satellite: fix locked files number if there are folders
  • b46c0fb satellite/orders: don’t cancel flushing bandwidth orders


  • 529e367 storagenode/piecestore: handle upload write if provided in first message
  • 430b964 web/{satellite, storagenode, multinode}: more linter fixes
  • 644aca0 storagenode: fix piecestore download metrics
  • 71e42ac storagnode/storagenodedb: fix database queries


  • 8aa6110 tests/backwardcompatibility: use noquic tag for release binaries
  • 3abe7ac private/testplanet: add uplink config to use different path cipher